Kitten Healthcare

Your adorable kitty needs your tender love and care, especially during the first few weeks of her life. She will need a lot of attention and nurturing, but she will also need you to monitor and boost her health. In the first couple of weeks of a kitten’s life, they depend on mother’s milk for nutrients. Once off her mother’s milk, your little one will rely on you to get her nutrients. You will need kitten supplies from to take good care of her. As a pet parent to a kitty, her health is in your hands. Kitten supplements can help your kitty reach and maintain optimal health. Kitten vitamins can help boost her health and support healthy body functions. For kittens with sensitive tummies there’s the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets probiotic for gastrointestinal support. It contains 500 million live microorganisms proven to promote intestinal health and balance. It also contains antioxidant vitamins E,C and beta-carotene. Flea and tick supplements are key to your kitten’s health. An infestation can be very detrimental to her health. For flea and tick prevention, try Seresto 8 month flea and tick prevention. Kitten health care goes beyond supplements. What you feed your kitty is very important. The right kitten food and treats include extra nutrients your little one needs to gain weight and grow during her early days. Find kitten training and cleaning supplies at to help teach your kitten good behavior. You will need to train your kitty to use kitten litter and boxes to avoid her peeing in your home. To train your kitty to walk, you’ll need kitten collars and a harness. Kitten toys can also help in the training process. Don’t forget to make your kitten feel comfortable in her new environment with kitten beds and home essentials from our online pet store.

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