Litter & Training Supplies for Kittens

As a kitty parent, there are few things that you will rely on more than kitten litter and boxes. Without kitten litter, your kitty would leave messes around the house for you to find and clean. No one wants to live in a home that smells of urine. Kitten litter training helps your little one know where to go potty. Find all your kitten litter supplies at The best litter box for kittens is easy for your little one to get into. It’s also important that it fits her needs. If you have a kitty that’s shy or likes to hideaway, consider the Frisco Hooded cat litter box. If you prefer not to clean your kitten litter and boxes, consider the ScoopFree Automatic cat litter box. The automatic rake system sweeps waste into the covered compartment 20 minutes after your kitten has used the litter box. Safety sensors can detect if your kitty has re-entered the litter box and stops the cleaning. As a parent to your four-legged friend, kitten training and cleaning is a part of life. It is up to you to teach your little one to use her litter box and how it works. In the beginning, your kitty is likely to have accidents. There are cleaning supplies that can remove stains and odors from your carpet and furniture. In addition to kitten litter and boxes, you will need other kitten supplies to care for your fur baby. What you feed your kitty is vital to her health and growth. Kittens need to gain a significant amount of weight in their early days and will rely on kitten food and treats once off mother’s milk. Kitten food is formulated to provide the extra nutrition kittens need during this crucial time. In addition to food, kitten supplements can help boost your kitten’s nutritional intake. You can feed your little one kitten treats in moderation as well. You would be surprised, but kitten toys also play a role in your kitten’s health. The right cat toys can inspire mental and physical exercise. In addition to playing, you can also train your feline to walk with kitten collars. Lastly, your little kitty will need somewhere comfortable to lay her head. Find kitten beds and home essentials to keep your kitty comfortable in her new home. Find everything you need for your new kitten at our online pet store today.

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