New Kitten Home Essentials

Sleep is very important to growing kitties. Your adorable pet needs sleep to conserve energy and recharge for her next hunt even though she’s domesticated. Cats can sleep as much as twelve to sixteen hours a day. Pet parents should take care when choosing a kitty bed, since it’s where your little one will spend most of her days. There are many types of kitten beds to choose from. Cats love to climb and sleep in trees. The same goes for your little kitty. Find the best kitten beds and home essentials at For kitties who love to climb, typical kitten beds won’t do. Instead, consider kitten trees. Get a simple one story kitten tree or a multi-tier cat tree with kitten toys. Consider the Frisco 52-inch cat tree for your playful kitty complete with scratching post, hideaway and a hanging cat toy. Looking for a cozy place for your kitty to rest? Consider the Frisco 2-story cat condo. At just 24 inches, this cat condo easily fits into any home, but provides the hideaway your kitty needs to feel safe. The On2Pets cat tree literally looks like a small tree, so it doubles as a kitty bed and an indoor plant. Other home essentials to consider include kitten food bowls, kitten litter and boxes and cat gates. Raising a kitty is different than bringing up an adult cat. For starters, kitties require special kitten food and treats to help keep up with their nutritional needs. Precious kitties can get a vitamin and mineral boost from kitten supplements. Once your kitty can start to eat solid food around eight weeks, you can reward her with kitten treats. The best type of kitten treats have meat as their first ingredient like salmon or chicken. You’ll need kitten training and cleaning supplies during the first few months as your kitty gets used to her new environment and learns to go in her litter box. With the right supplies and tools at your disposal, you can take great care of your precious little one. Find these kitten supplies and more at Chewy’s online pet store today.

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