Food & Treats for Kittens

Kittens are arguably some of the cutest creatures on the planet. When you bring a kitten home, you’ll want to learn what you can do to help her grow to be a healthy adult cat. By treating your little one to the best kitten food and treats you’ll help her grow healthy and strong. At, you will find delicious kitten food and treats packed full of the nutrients she needs. For the first few weeks, your kitty will rely on mother’s milk, but gradually she will transition to kitten food. By eight weeks, she will be completely off of milk and will rely completely on the food and kitten treats you feed her. Your kitten’s weight should double or triple during the first few weeks of her life. To support that type of extreme growth and your kitten’s high activity levels, she will need triple the energy of an adult cat. Therefore, kittens often can’t get enough calories in one meal. While kittens need the same fat, fatty acids and vitamins as adult cats, they have a higher need for protein, amino acids and minerals. Based on these needs, experts believe the best kitten food is specifically formulated for their growing needs. Find especially formulated kitten food at like Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten dry cat food 100% grain-free. This delicious recipe includes protein-rich chicken and fish to support growing muscles. When it comes to treats, consider one that also provides dental care like Greenies feline chicken dental treats. In addition to the right kitten food and treats, you’ll need other kitten supplies to help her grow into a happy kitty. Additional nutrients can come from kitten supplements. You will need to shop for kitten litter and boxes to give your kitten a comfortable place to go and prevent stains and odors. Even with a litter box, your kitten may still have accidents. Kitten training and cleaning can be hard, but don’t give up. Your little one will get there. There are kitten collars and ID tags for every kitty style. Give your precious pet somewhere comfortable to sleep with kitten beds and home essentials made for every type of cat. Don’t forget to keep things fun with kitten toys that stimulate the mind and encourage physical activity. Find everything you need for you new kitten at our online pet store.

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