Collars & ID Tags for Kittens

Did you know you can train a cat to walk on a leash? You’re used to seeing dogs walk on a leash, but cats like to go for walks too. Kitten training and cleaning is important, because behaviors learned as a kitten will continue into adulthood. Training kittens is easier than training an adult cat who has already learned bad behaviors. While adult cats can be trained to walk on a leash, kittens are more accepting of wearing a harness. Chewy has kitten harnesses to help you train your little one to walk on a leash. The Comfort Soft adjustable mesh cat harness is a high-quality lightweight harness that makes walking fun for your cat. It also comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the right one to match your pretty kitty’s personality. When it comes to kitten collars, Chewy has a wide variety to choose from. The Catit nylon cat collar is simple, lightweight and adjustable. This affordable collar also has a wildlife safety bell that warns backyard prey that your furry hunter is around. If you prefer not to attach an ID tag to your kitten’s collar, you could opt for the GoTags personalized reflective cat collar and add your contact information directly. In addition to walking, kittens need to be potty trained. Find kitten training and cleaning supplies at The PetSafe SSSCAT deterrent cat spray protects your furniture from your frisky feline. This motion-activated spray startles and reminds your kitten to stay away from an area or object. Overtime, she will learn to avoid these areas that may be unsafe for her. You may spend a lot of time cleaning during the first few days of kitten ownership as your kitten learns to use kitten litter and boxes. Luckily, there are products that can remove urine stains and odors from your floors and furniture. Kitten food and treats can be effective in motivating good behavior. Reward your kitten with delicious treats in moderation to teach her to continue positive behavior. Pet parents can also use kitten toys to distract kittens from bad behaviors. At, you’ll find additional kitten supplies your little one needs like kitten supplements. Find your little one the right kitten beds and home essentials to make her feel cozy and comfortable. Get help training your new pretty kitty with the right supplies from Chewy’s online pet store.

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