Moderate Dog Chew Toys

Every dog likes to chew, but not every dog is as enthusiastic about it as others. Some were just born to chew—in fact, some pups would pick a chew toy over a dog treat because they just really, really, really love chew toys. The strongest chewers are known as extreme chewers. Just a few squeaks down the scale are the tough chewers, and then you have the moderate chewers. They enjoy chewing just fine, though they enjoy other types of dog toys too. This can be particularly tough on dog toys that aren’t meant for chewing, like fetch toys and plush dog toys. So if you have a moderate chewer, you’ll want to provide a variety of dog chew toys with different textures, shapes and materials that match their chewing style.

Durable rubber toys are ideal for when your dog wants a softer chew. Rubber dog chew toys are smooth and offer a satisfying and challenging chew that provides just the right amount of tension without cracking or collapsing under the pressure of your dog’s jaw. In fact, rubber dog toys are made to bounce back. Look for rubber dog toys with fun, unique shapes that bounce erratically to keep your dog’s attention, and try a few treat-dispensing toys like KONG dog toys that can be stuffed with your dog’s favorite filling.

Toys with tantalizing textures like nubs, bumps and ridges can help keep chew time interesting. Textured toys can also help support your dog’s dental health. The nubs and spikes massage the gums while scraping plaque off of the teeth. Some are even flavored with mint to freshen your pup’s breath. Shop Chewy for the best dog toys and all other pet supplies!

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