Cat Nail Clippers, Trimmers & Grinders

Felines depend on their nails to scratch, climb and jump. Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed to the right length is an important part of their overall health and grooming. Proper cat grooming tools should include a cat brush, cat hair trimmers, a cat grooming table and of course cat nail clippers. Clipping the ends of your cat’s claws helps to dull them, reducing the chance of you finding claw marks on your furniture. It also makes it much more comfortable for them to walk. Cat nail trimming can also prevent your cat from breaking a nail, which can be extremely painful for your kitty. And of course, it’s much better if your kitty doesn’t have razor-sharp nails when she is kneading your leg. Clipping your cat’s claws doesn’t have to be a scary experience for her, or a stressful one for you. If you start while she’s a kitten, getting her nails clipped will become part of her usual routine. Having proper cat nail clippers like the JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper makes it easy and safe to trim your feline’s nails. The FURminator Nail Grinder is a two-speed cordless cat nail grinder. The automatic LED light helps you trim your cat’s claws quickly, efficiently and safely. The antimicrobial plastic minimizes germs and bacteria. If your cats are clawing your furniture and floors, try cat nail caps. Cat claw covers like Soft Claws Nail Caps are safe for kitties and great for pet parents. To use them, simply place the vinyl cover over your cat’s claws. Developed by a veterinarian, these cat claw caps use a non-toxic adhesive and don’t interfere with normal extension or retraction of cat claws. Protect your kitten’s claws and protect your home furnishings from scratches with cat nail covers, grinders and clippers from Chewy's online pet store where you find the best cat products.

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