Prescription Medications for Horses

Along with feeding your equine friend nutritious horse feed and treats, grooming and cleaning your horse, and providing plenty of exercise and playtime with horse toys, horse health and wellness is an important part of horse ownership. If you need to treat a minor cut or wound, horse first aid care can help until you can have your horse checked by a vet. For horse pest control, we carry sprays and repellents to keep insects, fleas, ticks and flies away.

Occasionally though, a horse may get sick or develop a condition to the point where they need prescription medication. Chewy's Online Pet Pharmacy stocks a range of prescription horse medications to care for a variety of injuries, ailments and conditions. We stock prescription horse medications to help treat and care for eyes, ears, skin, digestion and joints, as well as medications to treat allergies, arthritis, bacterial infections, and more.

If your vet prescribed you an allergy medication for horses, we carry Hydroxyzine Pamoate (Generic) Capsules to help treat itchy skin due to allergies. If you’re looking for eye medication for horses, we have Ciprofloxacin (Generic) Ophthalmic Solution 0.3% and Pilocarpine (Generic) Ophthalmic Solution 1%.

Some of our prescriptions are horse arthritis medications, or prescriptions to help with joint pain and discomfort. Adequan Equine Injectable for Horses 100mg/mL helps with the treatment of equine non-infectious degenerative joint disease (DJD), specifically in the carpal and hock joints. Adequan can help reduce the damaging process of DJD, help reverse the loss of cartilage and encourage healthy joint function and associated lameness. Bute Paste for Horses Apple Flavor can help soothe your equine’s swelling and discomfort caused by temporary inflammatory conditions, such as a pulled tendon, acute laminitis or joint problems. The flavored paste is applied to the back of your horse’s tongue. We also carry prescription horse medications to help treat navicular syndrome in horses, including Tildren for Horses 500 mg and Osphos Injectable for Horses 60mg/mL.

If you’re purchasing a prescription horse medication, it may help to check out horse vitamins and supplements, too. These can help alleviate problems with digestion, maintain a healthy coat and skin, and support joint health. Along with prescription horse medications, you can find all the horse supplies you need from Chewy’s online pet store.

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