Prescription Pet Skin & Coat Care for Dogs & Cats

The Chewy offers a broad variety of prescription dog skin care products as well as various medicines to help treat cat skin diseases and conditions. Pet skin infections are a serious matter that not only cause pain and discomfort, but can be dangerous to your pet’s overall health. Therefore, it’s important to treat skin conditions early with the proper pet meds as prescribed by your veterinarian.

At the Chewy Pet Pharmacy, you can find FDA-approved solutions that provide itch relief for dogs and cats as well as specific formulations that help address pet fungal infections that can cause itching, redness, swelling, abscesses and other uncomfortable symptoms in cats and dogs. These prescription skin meds for pets come in various forms, including liquid oral suspensions and tablets that are given by mouth as well as topical treatments that are applied directly to your pet’s skin and coat.

Whether you’re dealing with a cat skin infection or an itchy dog due to any cause—from bacterial and fungal infections to allergies—you’ll be glad to know that veterinarian-prescribed pet medications are available in the Chewy Pet Pharmacy. All you need is a prescription. In fact, they’re the same medicines you could find at your vet’s office. Ordering is hassle-free, because a dedicated member of the Chewy pet Rx team will contact your vet for approval after you place your order.

Make sure to also pick up any prescription allergy pet medications that may be recommended by your veterinarian as part of treatment to help address your pet’s skin condition. Chewy's Online Pet Pharmacy carries pet medications for everything from a dog rash treatment to hot spots in cats. Simply add your pet Rx to your cart along with your regular pet essentials, like your go-to dog food, cat food, dog treats and cat treats. Once the Chewy pet Rx team verifies your vet’s prescription, just sit tight and wait for your pet medications and other pet supplies to arrive right at your door.

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