Dog Sunscreen

Protect your precious pet’s skin with specially formulated dog sunscreen from Chewy. Dog skin care and sun protection is often forgotten. Whether it’s a trip to the dog beach or a day of running errands, it’s important to protect your canine from harmful UV rays. Just like humans, dogs can get burned from exposure to the sun. Sunblock for dogs is especially important when you have a dog with light skin or fur. The safest type of sunscreen to put on your dog is sunblock that’s specifically formulated for pups. When it comes to shopping for dog-safe sunscreen, Chewy has a wide range of options. Dog sunscreen comes in a variety of forms, including balms, sprays, sticks and wipes. Your dog may prefer one type or texture to another. If your pup doesn’t like the feeling of wax on their fur, try a sunscreen wipe like Petkin Doggy Sun Wipes. With SPF 15, these dog sunscreen wipes keep your four-legged friend protected against UV rays with a non-greasy formula developed especially for dogs. To use, simply apply the wipe all over your canine, making sure not to miss the ears, muzzle, nose and any pink areas. Spray sunscreen for dogs is another convenient way to protect your pup’s skin from sun exposure. Warren London Dog Sunscreen Spray with UV protection and moisturizing aloe vera is a non-oily, non-toxic formula that doesn’t leave behind any residue. Whether you need dog grooming supplies, dog food, dog beds and even a new dog house, Chewy's online pet store has all of the dog supplies you and your four legged friend could ever need. So shop Chewy today for great deals!

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