Reptile Tanks & Terrariums

Reptile terrariums are just what you need to provide a comfortable home for your reptiles and amphibians. Setting up the proper reptile habitat will give them an optimal environment that resembles their natural habitat. Terrariums are built to accommodate a controlled climate atmosphere while allowing for proper heat, reptile lighting and ventilation. Exo Terra makes reptile terrariums with an all-glass enclosure so you can admire your scaly buddy whenever you want! If you’re a first-time reptile or amphibian owner, a reptile terrarium kit can help get you started. A desert kit is perfect for reptiles that need a hot, arid environment. Desert dwellers include bearded dragons, leopard geckos and collared lizards. For tropical pets like frogs, crested geckos and anoles, a tropical kit is just what you need to provide a nice, humid environment. For the more experienced reptile owners that are looking to build their reptile habitat from scratch, you’ll find all the proper reptile supplies you’re looking for. Keep it sunny and warm with reptile heat lamps, which provides a comfortable environment with substrate and reptile bedding, and keep your buddy’s terrarium pristine with reptile cleaning supplies. Don’t forget to spoil your heat-loving tetrapod with reptile habitat accessories so they can really feel at home. The possibilities are endless with branches to climb, plants to explore and rocks to hide in. With all the accessories Chewy offers, you can replicate the Mojave Desert or Amazon Rainforest right in the corner of your bedroom! Make sure your reptile is living her best life with a happy and comfortable home. Shop for the best reptile carpets, reptile food and all other pet supplies on Chewy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Reptile Tanks & Terrariums

How do you stack reptile tanks?

Stack reptile tanks using stacker kits specifically designed for use with the reptile tanks you have. You can also find some vertical tank systems that come with multiple compartments. Do not stack reptile tanks without properly securing them together, and avoid stacking any more tanks than recommended with the stacking kit you choose.

What is the difference between a tank and a terrarium?

The difference between a tank and a terrarium is that a terrarium is made to house non-aquatic, or land-based pets while a fish tank or aquarium is made for aquatic or semi-aquatic species. Many terraria intended for use with reptiles are also referred to as tanks—and they may strongly resemble fish tanks—but these will not usually have the strength to safely contain water. You may also see pet habitats referred to as vivarium, paludarium, insectarium, etc., so the exact terminology can get confusing. Be sure to read the product details and instructions for use on any tank before you buy. Chewy always clearly lists the reptile, fish or other pet type for all tanks, terrariums, aquariums, and cages.

Can reptile tanks and terrariums hold water?

Reptile tanks and terrariums are not designed to hold water. They usually have thinner glass than fish tanks and weaker seals not designed for the weight of water. Many reptile tanks and terrariums have ventilation holes and drains that make water containment difficult, as well. Choose an aquarium instead if you need something that will hold water.