Brown's Bird Lover's Blend Wildlife Buffet Nature's Harvest Wild Bird Food, 7-lb bag

By Brown's
Rated 4.4483 out of 5 stars
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Brown's Bird Lover's Blend Wildlife Buffet Nature's Harvest Wild Bird Food, 7-lb bag slide 1 of 4
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Brown's Bird Lover's Blend Wildlife Buffet Nature's Harvest Wild Bird Food, 7-lb bag slide 1 of 4
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About This Item

  • Blended with gourmet ingredients to attract the greatest variety of wildlife, including squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, geese, turkeys, grouse, pheasants, rabbits, and deer
  • Peanuts and black oil sunflower seeds provide high protein, energy and fat backyard wildlife need to survive in the outdoors
  • The corn, oats, millet, and milo provide carbohydrates needed for energy. No artificial fillers, supplements or colorings are added, guaranteeing a natural product animals prefer
  • A wildlife feeding station will draw wildlife away from bird feeders, plants, flowers, and shrubs
  • Most wildlife doesn’t hibernate, therefore feeding can be a year-round activity

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Top IngredientsCorn, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts...Oats, Corn, Cracked Corn...Cracked Corn.Cracked Corn, Black Oil Sunflower, Peanut Kernels...Peanut Pieces, Sunflower Chips, Tree Nuts, Raisins, Cherries.
Bird TypeWild Bird, Duck, Geese, Grouse, Pheasant, TurkeyWild BirdWild Bird, Cardinal, Dove, Duck, Jay, Junco, Pheasant, QuailWild BirdWild Bird, Chickadee, Finch, Grosbeak, Woodpecker
Food FormSeed & Grain BlendSeed & Grain BlendCracked CornSeed & Grain BlendSeed & Grain Blend
Special DietN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Food FlavorN/AN/AN/AN/AFruits & Vegetables
Small Pet TypeN/ASquirrelN/ASquirrelN/A

Questions & Answers

3 Customer Questions

Is this safe to feed deer in the winter? I ask because it contains corn and not sure if uts a safe amount or not. Thanks
Answer by ChewyJan 14, 2022
This food is formulated for wild birds.

Can this be fed to mallard ducks?
Answer by ChewyJan 18, 2018
This product is blended with gourmet ingredients to attract the greatest variety of wildlife, including squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, geese, turkeys, grouse, pheasants, rabbits, and deer.

Does this food float?
Answer by ChewyJul 22, 2019
Only certain ingredients within this mix will float in water.

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Rated 4.4483 out of 5 stars
29 Reviews
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29 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By KansasBirdgirl on Jun 24, 2022

A BIG hit with the backyard critters and birds

Our bird feeder has a baffle and is placed in a spot in the backyard where squirrels and chipmunks can't get to the feeders (they don't even try anymore). Since birds are messy eaters, quite a bit falls to the ground and provides the squirrels (and even rabbits) with a nice snack. And occasionally, I will treat them myself. I basically bought the food with them in mind, as well as for a couple of bunnies who are eating SOMETHING (not sure what)from the birdseed spills. I bought the food with these fluffies in mind, but actually was hoping that I would provide some food that had corn and seed that would appeal to the grackles and starlings that took over the yard in late spring. I even bought a ground feeder that I could place away from the main feeding station. Well, that didn't work. It's not that the food was not to the liking of furred and feathered friends, it was that the chipmunks (and we have a LOT of them)move in so quickly that they can empty the entire feeder within a few minutes. It's kind of funny to see them stuff their cheek pouches so full it looks like they were trying to eat a chicken egg whole. They move in so fast, even the squirrels didn't have a chance. Finally, I ended up hanging up the feeder anyway, and not only all the blackbirds come, but so did my sweet doves, cardinals, and a few jays (especially if there were peanuts). The other feeders were filled with seeds that other birds like, but are the black birds last choice, The chipmunks still grab the fallout faster than anyone else, but my main objective was to offer the bully birds other foods that they might like more, so they leave the other food for the rest of the birds and do not chase them away entirely to hog the feeders. This food does make a good treat for the birds and animals that visit our backyard. I would also like to mention that the food is very popular even though it is now summer with a lot of easy-to-find natural food sources and neighbor's ripening gardens. Depending on the price (since prices for feed seem to fluctuate a lot), I would like to buy a bigger quantity when winter comes around. I also should mention that I live in a state that is known for growing things like corn, wheat, alfalfa, etc. , so the critters here are used to eating them, and Wildlife Buffet just makes it all the more convenient. If you live in an area, where such foods are scarce or non-existent, some of your creatures, especially birds that seem particularly picky, may not even recognize the ingredients as food. That might explain the big disparity in the reviews where people have great success with the blend (like me), or it isn't touched at all.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By dragonfly on Mar 7, 2022

Excellent quality, value

All wildlife seems to love this item, from birds,squirrels,rabbits, and chipmunks. It is economical, and a little goes a long way, with no waste or uneaten portions. The variety in this mix appeals to all critters.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Houndlvr1 on Jan 24, 2022

Backyard Bonanza

I bought this for the squirrels primarily but I have the deer eating this, the cardinals eating it and I think the squirrels think they died and went to heaven. Its being gobbled up faster than I can refill the feeders!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By PandasMum on Jun 11, 2021

Happy wildlife

I live in a rural area with rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels, deer, possums, moles and of course birds (I've seen them all). I got this to keep the squirrels and possums out of my actual bird feeder (and our trash cans) by throwing this around the entry point to our fenced backyard and it worked. What all wildlife actually ate this? Couldn't tell you. I threw probably a pound of this mixed with bird food and dried mealworms out to make it a foraging opportunity. Then I checked 2 days later, all that is left is peanut shells. Since they loved this enough to let my bird feeder be just for birds now I foresee purchasing this in bulk from now on. I'll be buying a tray type feeder to attach to the fence for the squirrels to add in some extra cat TV for my indoor cat and this mix is big enough to not fall through the screen. It's a win-win.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Jan48 on Aug 15, 2021

wild bird seed

It was wonderful. I feed it to the squirrels. They love it. Great blend for them

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Foster on Jul 9, 2021

Birds did not like this!

Birds did not touch this feed, not sure what was wrong but No Go!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Cheri on Jan 18, 2021

Wildlife loves it

We are a Native American 501c in the Florida Panhandle. We like to supplement food for our wildlife during extreme weather - freezes, hurricanes, etc. We are careful to not feed enough to make them dependant just give them a boost when needed. We have deer, wild turkey, rabbits, raccoons, gaters, turtles, a coyote or two passing thru, a bear now and then, as well as songbirds, migratory birds, birds of prey and water birds.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By MDNatureLover on Mar 12, 2021

Wildlife Buffet for deer

I feed a lame doe on my property and she and her friend love eating this mix. Highly recommend for feeding during the winter

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Abie on Mar 9, 2021

Birds love

My birds love this seed and not a particle left after they leave.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Ralph on Dec 10, 2020

Go to squirrel food

Wildlife buffet is one of four items I mix to feed a multitude of squirrels, which keeps them away from bird feeders!