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Temaril-P (trimeprazine tartrate with prednisolone) Tablets for Dogs, 60 tablets

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kennel Cough Medicine for Dogs

What is kennel cough in dogs?

Kennel cough in dogs is a contagious respiratory disease often transmitted in shelters, boarding facilities and anywhere else dogs congregate closely together. Often called Bordetella after a specific bacteria that can cause it, it can also be caused by a range of different viruses. Its namesake symptom is a dry-sounding, persistent cough that some describe as sounding like geese honking. Other symptoms can include lethargy, sneezing, runny nose and fever.

Do I need a prescription for kennel cough medicine for dogs?

You do need a prescription for kennel cough medicine for dogs. See your vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment regimen if you notice your dog is unwell. Your vet may prescribe antibiotics for kennel cough, if the cause is bacterial, and/or a cough medication to ease uncomfortable symptoms. Getting kennel cough medication shipped directly to your home is easy when you shop with Chewy. Just fill in your vet's contact info when you order and we'll contact them to verify the prescription. It's that simple!