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Funkitty treat dispensing toys are designed to keep cats of all ages engaged, active, and stimulated. They are adjustable and adaptable to individual cats enabling you to increase the challenge over time. Turn mealtime into playtime!

The Funkitty Egg-Cersizer is a treat and feeding ball that’s designed to randomly dispense treats and dry food. It is uniquely adjustable to your cat’s level of play. Open 1, 2, or 3 holes to customize to your cat’s needs and increase the challenge over time. Features the Treat Meter which allows for treat distribution from all angles.

Key Benefits
  • Keeps cats of all ages engaged, active, and stimulated to encourage more play time
  • Features the Treat Meter which allows for random treat or kibble distribution from all angles while improving digestion by using portion-control
  • Dual purpose toy combines fun with exercise that aids in weight-loss, keeping cats fit as a fiddle
  • Adjustable opening allows you to tighten or loosen it making the challenge for your pet easier or harder for them to achieve the ultimate prize!
  • Dishwasher safe for easy, hassle-free cleaning

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  • The Egg-Cersizer lets you adjust how easily the treats are dispensed. Start with an easy setting, allowing treats to come out quickly, so your cat associates the toy with a food reward. Once your cat gets the hang of it, you can increase the level of difficulty by making the openings smaller. It will take your cat longer to get the reward, thus encouraging longer play time. This appeals to your cat's prey drive; your cat will feel like she's catching and eating her prey every time she plays.
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only.

Why would my cat need a food-dispensing toy?

Our modern lifestyles have impacted our cats. Around 50% of our cat population shows some signs of obesity. In order to prevent and control obesity, it is advisable to ration your cat’s portions and provide him with some form of physical activity. Interactive feeding toys including SlimCat and our FunKitty toys will do just that. They help your cat fight obesity and maintain a healthy weight by encouraging your cat to work for his food and by rationing his food.

How do I know if my cat is obese?

Talk to your veterinarian if you think your cat has a weight problem. The general signs of obesity include:* Ribs and backbone are not easy to feel* Pet has no waist* Significant fat has accumulated around all parts of the body* When looking at pet from above, pet is very round

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  • Probably best for less... determined? Cats?

    By on

    On a technical level, this ball was great; it dispensed the treats when bopped around as promised. Unfortunately, out of my three cats, the one that decided that all of those treats were HIS is also the smartest, most lazy cat I own. He gamed the system in less than six hours. The kittens used it as intended, though, and it worked like a charm, so. Really my only complaint is that even this plastic egg couldn't outsmart my seven year old grump, nor could it force him to put forth any form of effort. And since it never claimed to do either of those, I've gotta give it a 5 star rating

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  • So much fun if your cat can figure it out!

    By on

    I purchased this to compare to my cat’s Pull & Play, which she loves. I wasn’t so sure at first. Unlike her other toy, which rocks back up to an upright position, when this egg tips over it just rolls around on its side. Following the directions, I reset the opening to make it difficult to get the treats out. When I put my cat’s “very special treats” in, she spends a lot of time rolling the egg around trying to get the treats out. This is fun to watch given that my cat is 17 years old! Her younger “brother” hasn’t figured out the trick of getting the treats out. This allows her save some of her treats for later.

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  • Phantom finds EGG!

    By on

    it's a great idea to load treats in this colorful egg - he plays and gets treats when he's hungry (which is all the time). I wanted a way to give him treats other than just feeding him by hand, and this and the collapsible crinkle tunnel work nicely. He's a "senior" cat and doesn't play a lot, has a whole bag full of toys, including the baby mice. I ALWAYS appreciate Chewy's prompt service and delivery. Only shop online for Phantom's food, litter, toys. Chewy, you're GREAT!!

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  • Great toy and option for cats who overeat or are bored

    By on

    We gave this to our cats and they figured it out quickly. You can adjust the opening and the number of openings. We set it to only have one opening that's fairly small. It slows down their eating and makes the food last a little longer. They also come apart easily, which makes them easy to clean regularly.

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  • flawed design

    By on

    this toy is much bigger than expected, not "cat toy" sized… and no matter how i adjust the dispenser hole sizes they don't stay at that setting so treats immediately fall out. our vet recommended giving her more activity and fun food challenges, but this one isn't going to work for us

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  • Drops kibbles & treats too quickly

    By on

    Even on the smallest setting, which is one hole — even with the single hole half-closed! — this drops kibbles and treats way too easily and quickly. Basically stuff comes streaming out of it any time it rolls. So, not much of a 'game' for the cats after all.

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  • kitty likes it

    By on

    Egg shape gives this toy that unpredictable movement that cats like. The toy is well made, but has only three positions for treat openings. All openings are a bit large for cat treats; otherwise this would rate five stars.

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  • Super fun for the cat, easy to load for me

    By on

    In my opinion, every cat should be fed in an interactive feeder exclusively (dry kibble, that is!). This is a great option as it is easy to load with quite a lot of kibble and the variety of difficulty settings makes it appropriate for cats of all skill levels.

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  • Great feeding toy

    By on

    This is a great toy. We are trying to have our cat lose some weight. This is nice for that it keeps her busy and has to work for her food. It’s also good for our wild little guy who loves batting it around and getting rewarded for playing.

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  • Keeps my Cats busy and curious

    By on

    Easy to use, adjustable and keeps my Cats active. A mix of cat treats and dry cat food, can keep them busy for a week. The product is large enough, not to run under a cabinet or sofa, etc.

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