Arf Pets

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Arf Pets knows that pets give humans the very best years of their life, and in return, they deserve to have those years be as happy and healthy as possible. That’s why Arf Pets provides pet parents with everything they need to spoil their four-legged pals in style. Offering unique solutions that are smart, versatile, and innovative, their one-of-kind accessories are made with superior quality and care. Including an automatic pet feeder that ensures pets never miss a meal, the handy design dispenses up to four portioned meals per day—even allowing owners to record a mealtime message! They also offer a sturdy and comfortable soft pet crate, giving pets the freedom to go wherever their owners go. And their cooling mat is a summertime miracle, giving pets a cool place to lie down. Basically, whether it’s eating, sleeping, or traveling, Arf Pets wants to keep them happy!