Reptile Bedding & Substrate

When it comes to finding the best bedding for snakes, you may find it challenging to choose the right substrate. Reptile bedding is constructed from a variety of materials. Pet parents have plenty of choices when it comes to what your cold-blooded companion sleeps on, but the best snake bedding depends on your snake species. Snake substrate comes in sand, gravel/stone, and wood and paper products. Zoo Med Aspen snake bedding is made from aspen wood shavings. It's 99.9% dust free, absorbent and environmentally friendly. Pet parents will find top reptile bedding brands like Zoo Med, Zilla and Fluker's on Chewy. Sand and gravel make for great lizard bedding. Zilla Ground English Walnut Shell Reptile bedding is a great choice for desert-dwelling reptiles like bearded dragons, skinks and uromastyx. This all-natural reptile litter is made by grinding English walnut shells into a sand-like substance. For your crabby friends, try Fluker's Hermit Beach Sand Substrate. Your hermit crab will love the mixture of sand, coconut fiber and salt. A probiotic is added to help break down organic waste, to help keep your pet's habitat clean. Exo Terra sand products come in a variety of colors including black, brown, red and yellow. Try the desert sands for your lizard, and the riverbed sand for your turtle habitat. Pet parents can also choose mulch reptile bedding made of mulch, moss or reptile soil bedding. Zoo Med makes reptile bedding made of coconut fiber, Natural Fir tree bark, Cypress mulch and live moss. If you prefer carpet liners for your pet's habitat, Chewy carries reptile carpet and liners from top brands like Zilla and Exo Terra. Zilla terrarium liners come in brown and green. These fuss-free liners are a pleasant alternative to messier habitat lining options. The non-abrasive liner is easy to install, and helps reduce reptile odors. The liners are reusable, simple to rinse and re-line your pet's cage. Provide the best reptile substrate and bedding for your cold-blooded buddy with quality products from Chewy.

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