Rabbit Cages

Set your bunnies up for success by picking out the perfect home for their needs. Chewy carries a great selection of rabbit cages, including indoor rabbit cages, outdoor rabbit cages, playpens and more. You'll also find all the things you need to set up your bunny cages to make them into comfy, happy and healthy places for your bunnies.

When shopping for rabbit housing, it's important to consider things like location, number of inhabitants, and exercise options before you buy. Outdoor rabbit cages, also known as hutches, may house one or more bunnies and will usually be made of sturdy weatherproof material like wood or composite. A good outdoor rabbit hutch should be roomy, have multiple compartments or levels and provide good protection from the elements.

Indoor rabbit cage setups can be smaller, but they should still provide bunnies with enough room for some exercise, essentials like food and water bowls and lots of comfy nesting area. You can find sleek modern-style indoor habitats, cute and cozy wire cages and everything in between to house your hoppy buddies in style. Look for a well-ventilated design and a deep, solid (not wire) pan to hold lots of fresh bedding for your bunnies. You should also make sure the cage has enough room for your rabbits. Try to get a cage that's at least four times the size of your bunny, going up in size accordingly for each additional rabbit resident who will be living there. Multilevel cages with ramps are a great choice for one or more bunnies, too.

Whatever rabbit cage or habitat you choose, remember to fill it with the comforts of home, with the help of Chewy's great assortment of rabbit supplies. Consider at least one rabbit bed and/or hideaway per rabbit, rabbit water bottles and feeding bowls for giving water and rabbit food and rabbit treats. You'll also need some fresh rabbit bedding to line the bottom of the cage and lots of chewable rabbit toys to keep your pets occupied. Some bunny parents even use rabbit playpens to give their bunnies extra room for exercise. You can find all these great pet supplies and more at Chewy.com. Shop our great selection of rabbit cages and start setting up the bunny palace of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rabbit Cages

What size cage is good for a rabbit?

A big cage is good for a rabbit, but 'big' is relative. Try to choose a cage that's at least 4-6 times the size of the rabbit you're housing, and size up wherever possible. Cages housing multiple rabbits should be bigger, and you'll need to provide plenty of opportunities for exercise and play outside the cage, as well. Multilevel cages work well for single bunnies and groups and can provide more living area in a compact footprint. Get the biggest cage you can and make sure to let your pets out to play frequently to keep them healthy and happy.

What do rabbits need in their cage?

Rabbits need accessories for food, water, sleeping, nesting and eliminating in their cage. Put a water bottle, food dish, bed, hideout and litter box in there, and line the bottom of the cage with several inches of rabbit-safe bedding and provide a hay rack for feeding. Multiple rabbits may benefit from having multiple bottles, bowls, beds and litter boxes in the cage, too. You should also put lots of toys and activities in there to keep your bunnies from getting bored.

Where should I keep my rabbit cage?

Keep your rabbit cage in a calm part of the house, but in an area where they'll have lots of human interaction. Bunnies are social and will benefit from seeing you and your family members on a regular basis. A living room or family room is a great place to keep a bunny cage. Make sure the cage isn't in an area that will get too hot or humid, as bunnies don't tolerate heat well.