Rabbit Bedding

Your fluffball loves spending time with you, but when it’s time for her to hang out in her cage, she can stay extra comfy with rabbit bedding. When determining the best rabbit bedding for your bun, you should consider comfort, absorbency, dust level, safety and cost. Bedding can be used all around her cage or hutch.

Reclaimed paper products are popular rabbit bedding for cages. You can also choose from a variety of wood options like aspen bedding and wood pellets. If bunnies had their choice of bedding for rabbits, they would probably prefer hay and straw pellets because they can double as a snack. There are even some that are a medley of popular picks so they’re the best of all worlds. And when you’d like to make her cage more fun, you can choose a colorful option. Some parents choose to use both rabbit bedding and litter in the cage for odor control. Sometimes, however, bunnies confuse bedding with litter and end up using the entire cage as a restroom! If that happens, it’s best to forgo bunny bedding and stick with rabbit litter in her litter box.

Whether you’re stocking up, or you are preparing for the arrival of a new furbaby, Chewy has all the rabbit supplies you need to help her live a hoppy life with you. Choosing the right rabbit food is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for her. In addition to pellets, she should have constant access to grass hay. She enjoys munching while using the bathroom, so you can even put some right on top of her litter or next to her litter box! You can also surprise her with yummy rabbit treats to help gain her trust and reward her for good behavior. Shop with us 24/7 for the best rabbit bedding and more supplies for your fur-iend.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best bedding for a rabbit?

The best rabbit bedding for cages is one that is comfortable, absorbent, has a low dust level and is safe for your friend. Those that double as snacks like hay and pelleted straw are bunny favorites. She’d also like ultra-soft options, like recycled paper bedding and hay pulp. With so many choices, Chewy has a wide variety of rabbit bedding for sale so you can pick the best one for your pal!

Where do you put rabbit bedding?

You can put bedding for rabbits all around rabbit cages and rabbit hutches. If your fur-iend is also using a litter box, you should not use the bedding as litter, or she may consider her entire cage her bathroom. You can choose two separate materials, like Carefresh Small Animal Bedding as the bedding and Oxbow Bene Terra Eco-Straw Pelleted Wheat Straw Small Animal Litter for her litter box.

Do rabbits need bedding?

Rabbits do not need bedding, unlike other small friends. Bedding makes her cage more comfortable, but sometimes she can confuse litter and bedding and might go to the bathroom wherever she pleases. If you’d like to use both bedding and litter, make sure they aren’t the same product. If she continues to confuse the two, you might want another comfortable cage-bottom solution like the SunGrow Natural Seagrass Small Animal Mat.

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