Calming Aids & Calming Sprays for Dogs

There are many things that can lead a dog to experience a bout of anxiety. Everyday things like an animal passing by the window, someone knocking on the door, the noise of a loud vacuum cleaner, or an annual veterinary exam can send an anxiety-prone dog into a stress-induced frenzy.

If you leave dog anxiety untreated, it can cause a variety of issues such as destructive chewing, excessive digging, or biting his own fur. Dog calming diffusers and other dog calming aids like dog calming collars, dog calming chews and calming apparel for dogs are affordable and easy-to-use options that can really make a difference in helping your pet with an array of stressors.

Chewy has a wide selection of dog calming aids and dog calming diffusers that pet parents can pick up for their anxious dogs. The Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes calming music dog speaker is a fun dog calming aid. It is a Bluetooth speaker that comes pre-loaded with 90 minutes of music that was specially developed by a sound behaviorist. This veterinarian-approved method helps alleviate stress and destructive behaviors that come as a result of pet anxiety. The ThunderEase dog calming diffuser kit is a plug-in wall diffuser that mimics a mother’s natural nursing pheromones, which can help alleviate bouts of anxiety in dogs. And the Jackson Galaxy Solutions Stress Stopper is a specially designed formula that can help a pet cope with stressful situations. Only Natural Pet Just Relax botanical calming spray for dogs is a gentle mist that helps calm anxious behavior without sedating your four legged friend! Shop Chewy for all of the best online pet products!

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