Cat Elevated Bowls

Some cats benefit from eating in an elevated position. Just like humans, cats can suffer from back and joint pain. Bending down to eat and drink can cause strain on your cat's muscles and joints over her lifetime. When your cat eats from the floor, it's uncomfortable. Her stomach is crunched up into her chest, her whiskers are bent back, and she often spills as much food on the floor as she is able to digest. Elevated cat food bowls and cat water dishes make it easier for your cat to enjoy the high-quality cat food and cat treats you put before her. The benefits your cat will reap from an elevated food stand include better digestion, increased food intake amongst older cats, food is less likely to come into contact with dirt and bugs, she is less likely to play with her food or water, a tidier eating area, and it makes it easier for pet parents to pick up and refill each day. By elevating your cat's food and water bowls, you release pressure from her muscles, bones and joints. This can be vital for a senior-aged cat, who may avoid mealtime, because of muscle or joint pain. An elevated cat food stand makes mealtime enjoyable for her again. There are elevated cat bowls with storage, cat feeders with extra spill protection, and feeders with fun designs. If you're looking for an elevated cat food stand with storage, consider the IRIS Elevated Feeder with Airtight Food Storage. This model comes in several colors and sizes, and stores your cat kibble while feeding your pet at the same time. If you're looking for a stylish feeder for your fabulous feline, the Ethical Pet Posture Pro Adjustable Elevated Pet Bowls are a great choice. The cherry wood top blends well with your home aesthetic. For great deals on cat supplies like cat treescat litter boxes, and cat toys shop Chewy's online pet store today!

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