Dog Grooming Kits

All things are made easier when you’re equipped with a kit. At Chewy, you’ll find a variety of dog grooming kits to help you get a wide range of tasks completed in no time, which is the perfect amount of time when you’re a pet parent. Grooming dogs can be challenging when your canine is anxious or fearful. The right dog grooming supplies can not only make it easier to groom your pup, but also make it safer and faster. Grooming your dog is an important part of being a pet parent. It’s how you keep your dog clean and pest- and disease-free, but it’s also a great way to bond with your canine companion. Dogs can’t express when their hair is preventing their ear canals from getting air, or when their dog nails are too long, making it painful to walk. Your pup relies on you to monitor their appearance and keep their hair and nails from causing health problems. For example, too much hair in the ears can trap wax and debris, which can lead to ear infections. Nail overgrowth can make it painful to walk and can cause your dog to develop a limp. For help with hair care, consider the Wahl Deluxe Dog Clipper Kit. This kit features an electric dog hair clipper, dog shears, guide dog combs and an instructional DVD. For assistance with trimming tiny nails, try the Dremel 73000-PT dog nail grinder kit. This kit has everything you need to trim your dog’s nails in minutes. If dog nail grinders intimidate you, you may prefer trimming with dog shears. The Alfie Pet Grooming Kit has everything you need to keep your canine’s fur in check. This eight-piece grooming kit features 6-inch stainless steel shears, 28-tooth thinning shears, 3.5-inch round-tip trimming dog scissors, a razor grooming trimmer, a dog grooming comb, scissor lubricant, a leather cleaning cloth and a leather travel case to keep all the pieces together. Make grooming easier on both you and your precious pet with grooming kits from Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog products.

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