Small Pet Hutches

Chewy has plenty of options to choose from if you're looking for some new small pet habitats. Whether you need a new rabbit hutch or a guinea pig hutch to house your small animals. The right bunny hutch gives small pets a place of their own in your yard—one that's safe and secure with everything they need. They come in different sizes, so you're sure to find what you're looking for, whether it's a large rabbit hutch or small rabbit house, plus all the rabbit supplies to take care of your small pets. Our quality rabbit habitats feature several areas for small animals to roam through and rest in. Outdoor rabbit hutches are lifted off the ground for your animal's safety, and some have ramps going down to the bottom level for more freedom of movement on the grass. This fenced-in area lets the air flow through for proper ventilation and fresh air. These multi-level rabbit houses have a main living space and an adjoining nesting box. When it's not being used for nesting, the box provides a safe spot for small animals to retreat to so they will feel safe. It should be cozy and comfortable and lined with the proper bedding material. The main living area of a hutch for small pets gives your bunny or guinea pig plenty of room to move about and eat. Bunny hutches are constructed with quality materials to make a home that's strong and sturdy to keep small pets safe. They're usually designed with a sloped roof that lets the rain roll off and made with solid wood covered in protective finishes. We carry rabbit houses of all styles depending on your needs—some are simple, and others are more elaborate and ornate. They open for easy cleaning and have a pull-out tray so you can dump out the waste. Find the bunny hutch, rabbit house or guinea pig hutch that fits your yard and check out all the features on our site. With all the rabbit supplies and guinea pig supplies you'll find here, you can keep your small animals secure and cozy in their outdoor home.

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