Guinea Pig Hutches & Playpens

Whether your furball is your backyard neighbor or she rents a room inside with you, a guinea pig hutch is a great alternative to a cage. They are often a fur-avorite for guinea pigs because hutches offer separate spaces for nesting, eating and going to the bathroom.

An outdoor guinea pig hutch provides the protection she needs from adverse weather and predators. While hutches are often known for outdoor use, you also can keep your guinea pig hutch indoors; it will make a charming addition to your room! The best guinea pig hutch will have plenty of space for her to exercise and enclosed areas where she can feel safe.

Another way to keep your furbaby safe indoors and outdoors is to let her run around in her own playpen. Instead of having free rein over the room or yard, you'll know exactly where she is. The best guinea pig playpen provides plenty of space to stretch her legs safely. Luckily, most guinea pigs aren't climbers, so you just need to make sure she can't slip through the bars.

Chewy knows there's more to taking care of your companion than choosing from different guinea pig habitats, so we offer all the guinea pig supplies you need to keep her happy and healthy. Stock up on the essentials like guinea pig food, guinea pig hammocks and beds and guinea pig bedding. And when you'd like to spoil your furbaby, explore guinea pig toys and guinea pig treats. Shop with us 24/7 for the best guinea pig hutches and more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Guinea Pig Hutches & Playpens

What do you put in a guinea pig hutch?

It can be fun to decide what to put in a guinea pig hutch! For example, you should have the essentials to keep her healthy, hiding spaces and some toys to help her stay busy and entertained. A guinea pig water bottle and a food bowl are the most important accessories to have in her home. You might choose to get a hay hanger to keep her roughage off the floor. If there isn't a hiding spot built into her cage, you'll want to get her a guinea pig hideout so she has a place to feel safe and secure. Also, guinea pig toys are a great addition to keep her entertained!

What do you put in a guinea pig playpen?

What to put in a guinea pig playpen is similar to what you have in her day-to-day habitat. You should have different types of houses, tunnels and guinea pig hideouts she can explore and feel safe enjoying. Old towels are a paw-fect addition so she has a cozy spot to rest. You also can add enrichment activities, like paper bags filled with guinea pig-safe herbs. Scatter safe produce around the playpen so she can forage for snacks. Of course, guinea pig toys are always a great addition to playpen playtime!

What size hutch do you need for two guinea pigs?

The hutch you need for two guinea pigs should have at least 7.5 square feet of space or be approximately 30 inches by 50 inches. Bigger is always better because guinea pigs like to have separate spaces for resting, eating and going to the bathroom. Also, they should have plenty of space to exercise and play. That's especially helpful if your friends don't get hours of time outside of the hutch every day. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of guinea pig hutches for sale on Chewy!