Large Cat Trees & Condos

If your cat likes to find places to hide away from you or other pets, a cat tree may be just what she’s looking for. Many large cat trees come with perches and hideaways that give your cat an ideal place to rest and feel safe, and modern cat trees allow you to provide entertainment and relaxation for your cat without sacrificing style. The best cat tree for large cats is one that has plenty of space to jump and perch. Chewy has a variety of cat trees for large cats. The Frisco 62-inch cat tree is a great option for large cats who like to jump from perch to perch. There are also multiple scratching posts, so your cats never have to share. The GoPetClub 62-inch cat tree is another great option for large cats that like to scratch. Made of sisal rope, your cat can claw as much as she likes. There’s also a basket for her to relax in, multiple levels to climb, and perches for a great view. If that’s not enough for your large cat, consider extra large cat trees. If you’re afraid large cat trees will take up too much space in your home, Chewy carries cat trees in a variety of sizes. There are medium cat trees that offer plenty of fun and small cat trees that are easy to hide when guests are over. The best cat trees contain cat toys for mental stimulation, cat perches for resting and cat scratchers for your cat’s natural need to scratch. Large cat trees may also contain cat stairs to help your cat climb away. Another solution for the cat seeking sanctuary is a cat house. Shop the best cat houses at After all that play, your fun feline will need some nourishing cat food. Find everything for your feline friend at Chewy’s online pet store today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Large Cat Trees & Condos

Do cats like large cat trees and condos?

Most cats like large cat trees and condos because they provide more room for climbing and play. Many cats also like the higher perches large cat trees and condos provide due to their taller height. Cats who have difficulty climbing due to age or disability may not enjoy larger cat trees, and the taller height may be less safe for these cats, as well.

How large of a cat tree should I get?

You should get a cat tree large enough to let your cat climb and play freely without the risk of injury. Most healthy adult cats can safely play on cat trees as tall as 6 feet or more, but you should closely consider the size and physical limitations of your cat when choosing a tree. Consider your décor and the room you will be putting the cat tree in, as well, since you probably won’t want to pick a cat tree that is too large for a small room.

What is the biggest cat tree?

The biggest cat tree you can get will extend from the floor to the ceiling, giving your cat lots of room to climb, perch and play. Models taller than 72 inches are usually considered extra-large cat trees, and you can find some that measure 100 inches or more. These extra-large cat trees usually feature larger bases for added stability and several levels to accommodate the needs of multiple cats, as well.

What are the best cat trees for large cats?

The best cat trees for large cats will be sturdy, stable and made of durable materials to withstand lots of happy jumping and clawing from bigger felines. Some larger cats may benefit from taller cat trees, but older or overweight cats may need shorter cat trees and condos if they have difficulty jumping or eyesight issues. If you have a very large, active cat, you may want to consider a cat tree you can anchor to a wall or ceiling or one with a larger, more stable base.