Small Cat Trees & Condos

Cats love cat trees, but for the pet parent that doesn’t want or have space for a large cat tree, there are small cat trees. Get a cat tree for small spaces that fits just right. Small cat trees can be as small as 15 inches and as tall as 28 inches. Cat trees can be as simple as a single perch and as complex as multiple layers and a hiding spot, and there are also highly stylish modern cat trees & furniture to complement your home. The Frisco 28-inch cat tree is just 28 inches tall, but features two perches of different heights and a comfy apartment that makes a perfect hiding spot. For even more fun, consider the Trixie Valencia 27 in cat tree. With two perches, a swinging cat toy, scratching post and apartment, this cat tree is everything your feline needs to have fun without taking up so much space. When shopping for a cat tree, there are certain features you should look for. Cats love and need to scratch, so a cat scratcher is a must to prevent your kitty from clawing up your furniture. Some cat trees feature cat stairs to make it easier for cats to climb. Cats also love to hide, so many cat trees feature cat houses for cats to relax in comfort. A cat perch section is very important as cats love to perch high above the ground to survey their space. A cat tree with cat toys provides loads of playtime fun. Many cat trees feature swinging cat toys. If you have a larger cat or multiple cats, you might want to consider extra large cat trees or cat trees for large cats instead of a small tree. There are also medium cat trees for pet parents looking for something in between. Find everything for your feline friend from cat food to small cat trees at our online pet store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Cat Trees & Condos

Do cats like small cat trees?

Cats do like small cat trees, as they love having a place to scratch and call their own. Small cat towers can be a great choice for homes with one or two cats and for smaller residences that don't have room for a larger tower. You can also place multiple short cat trees in different rooms to give your cats a variety of places to nap and scratch. Small cat condos and scratchers are a great choice for kittens, too!

How do I know if I should get a small cat tree?

You should get a small cat tree if you have a limited space for cat furniture and a cat who likes to climb and scratch. Cats who like to take naps in out-of-the-way places will also like the privacy of a smaller cat condo or tower. If you have multiple cats and more room, your cats may enjoy a medium or large cat tower, too.

What are the best small cat trees?

The best small cat trees will have sturdy construction and lots of comfy places to scratch, climb and nap. Look for multi-level small cat towers with several platforms and nooks where your cat can relax. Short cat trees with scratching surfaces can double as scratching posts and may help keep cats from clawing your furniture. Small cat condos with places to hide are also well-liked by felines.