Medium Cat Trees & Condos

Your indoor kitty doesn’t get to climb real trees, so man-made cat trees are one of the best gifts you could give her. Cats love to perch in high places, so they can scout and survey their territory. With medium cat trees, your cat can nap, play and relax knowing she’s safe. By climbing a cat tree, your kitty can survey her surroundings and can get away from other pets in your home. If you have a multi-cat family, a medium sized cat tree can help reduce feline conflicts. Chewy has many medium cat trees to choose from. The Frisco 52-inch cat tree has a strategically placed dangling toy to give your kitty the thrill of the hunt. She’ll bat it around for hours of enjoyment. This Frisco cat tree also features five scratching posts and a private kitty apartment with fleece fabric for comfy naptime. If you’re looking for a medium cat tree with more toys, the Frisco Deluxe 57-inch cat tree is a great option with three swatting toys perfect for multi-cat households. At, you’ll also find extra large cat trees if you have multiple cats, and small cat trees that take up less space. There are even cat trees for large cats that need more space and stability to play and modern cat trees that present a great aesthetic. One of the most important aspects of a cat tree is a cat scratching post. Cats need to scratch, so giving them an approved place to scratch keeps your feline friend from scratching up your furniture. Another aspect of cat trees cats love is cat perches, because cats love to lay where they can see their complete surroundings. Another way to keep your cat calm and happy is with cat houses where she can rest in privacy. If your purring pet prefers to sleep on your bed, cat stairs can help keep her safe. In addition to cat trees, cat toys can motivate your kitty to play and be active. After a long day of play, reward your cat with the best cat food for her needs. Shop all cat necessities at our online pet store.

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