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As much as you'd like to be there every time your best buddy has to go potty, there are those times when it's near impossible. For those moments dog turfs are a convenient option for your pup to relieve himself when getting outdoors and taking him for a walk isn't going to happen for a couple of hours or he can't hold it in due to bladder issues. A small grass patch or dog turf can be the best solution in times of an emergency. Chewy carries a variety of dog turf patches from leading brands like PetSafe, Piddle Place and Four Paws. These mats can be used for various life stages—from a puppy potty training tool to homebound dogs dealing with ailments or health issues. Wee-Wee Patch Indoor Potty is a durable tray that features a unique pour spout for easy drainage. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor use with a realistic grass like texture, color and scent. The built-in attractant draws dogs to the turf making it an ideal place for him to do his business. There's also IRIS Dog & Puppy Training Pad Holder that can be used to help your pup get relief in the hours when you are not around. Just securely add one of Neat n' Dry Floor Protection and Training Pads or other dog potty pads to protect and shield your floors from spillage and messes. It's perfect for training new puppies and ideal for senior dogs who struggle with bladder control. Dog turfs can be used wherever is most convenient for you and for your dog. They can even be used outdoors in backyards in an effort to keep messes confined to one location. Whether indoors or outdoors, dog turfs and grass patches will reduce the stress levels of all involved. Plus, they're easy to clean and come with replacement mats or disposable pads. So whether you need new bag of dog food, a new dog leash, some dog toys or even a dog house Chewy's online pet store is sure to have great deals on all of the dog supplies you and your pup may need for a happy and healthy life!

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