Dog Nail Grinders

Pamper your pup and care for their nails with dog nail grinders and dog nail clippers from Chewy. Nail growth varies across dog breeds. How your canine exercises also affects their nail growth and how often they need a trim. If your four-legged friend gets plenty of exercise on hard surfaces, they may not need nail trimming as often, but if your dog mostly plays in grass fields, on dirt paths or indoors, they probably need regular nail trimming. You can tell if your canine’s nails are getting too long when they’re scratching you and or the floors with normal activity. If your dog’s nails become too long, it could hamper their ability to walk or run correctly. Untrimmed dog nails can curl under paws, making daily activities painful. Long dog nails can also get caught on items and cause the nail to painfully break or rip off. Many pet parents dislike trimming nails because they fear harming their precious pet. Luckily, there are many dog nail grinders that make trimming easy and painless. Not sure if it’s time for a trim? Check your dog’s nails regularly. If you notice a limp or a lot of licking of her paws, it may be time to trim your dog’s nails or consider purchasing some of the great dog paw care products Chewy carries in the online shop. The Furminator Nail Grinder makes trimming paws safe and efficient. The two-speed, cordless dog nail grinder is made of antimicrobial plastic to help keep germs and bacteria at a minimum. The tool is designed to ensure nail trimming is safe and painless. The Dremel 7300-PT wireless dog nail grinder trims nails in any position. The two-speed rotary tool quickly sands down sharp and overgrown claws. If you’re afraid to use a dog nail grinder, a dog nail file may be more your speed. Chewy carries dog nail files from pet brands like Dog Fashion Spa dog nail products and Four Paws dog nail products . Keep your pup’s nails trimmed and healthy with the best dog products from Chewy’s online pet store. With great deals on dog food, dog crates, dog houses and dog treats its no surprise why customers love shopping with Chewy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Nail Grinders

Is nail grinding good for dogs?

Nail grinding is good for dogs as a way to keep nails trimmed and smooth for safety and comfort. Nail grinding helps you avoid cutting into the quick, and it also allows you to file nails down to a smooth, blunt shape that won't catch or scratch floors and furniture. Just be sure to create a calm environment while you trim and go slowly to avoid frightening your dog.

Are dog nail grinders safe?

Dog nail grinders are safe, but you should still follow their instructions closely and be very careful when using them. Nail grinders can be gentler and safer than traditional nail clippers, lessening the chance you will cut into the painful nail quick and cause your best friend discomfort. Just take care not to grind nails down too much or to grind in the same place for too long, as this may cause uncomfortable nail heating.

What is the best type of nail grinder for dogs?

The best nail grinder for dogs will be powerful, quiet, and effective. Look for a model that doesn't heat up too quickly, as hot nail grinders can cause discomfort for your furry friend. Nail grinders with different accessories will allow you to perform a variety of nail grinding and smoothing tasks with ease, and some come with multiple drums so you can use them on pets of different sizes. Variable speeds will give you extra control when performing different tasks, as well. Choose a corded model or a rechargeable cordless nail grinder for easy maneuverability and control.

How do I properly use a dog nail grinder?

To properly use a dog nail grinder, read all the instructions thoroughly and make sure your dog is calm before you begin. You want to work in a well-lit area and go slowly to avoid startling or accidentally causing discomfort to your dog. Different models will have slightly different features, so be sure you understand how to use the particular tool you have. You may benefit from watching videos that demonstrate the proper technique if you have never used a nail grinder before.