Wet Dog Food for Senior Dogs

As your paw-tner reaches his golden years, he has new nutritional needs. Support his aging body and mind with wet food for older dogs. Wet food is especially grr-eat for older friends because it is easier on his teeth than kibble. Plus, it’s irresistibly delicious and a perfect way to spoil him every day.

The best senior wet dog food will support his new needs as he ages and feature recipes that are lower in calories, have more fiber than adult varieties and provide the proper ratio of fat to protein to help maintain lean muscle. Work with your vet to decide the best time for your dog to make the switch to wet food for older dogs. It’s a good idea to start the conversation if your dog develops a dull coat, seems lethargic, has a thicker midsection or develops stomach issues.

Your pal’s wonder years can still be filled with wondrous taste! You’ll find the best canned food for senior dogs in the same flavors from the brands he’s enjoyed his whole life—just with a healthful twist for his new needs. For example, the Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Canned Food is a delicious chicken dinner that’s formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health and mobility. Also, Iams ProActive Health Senior with Slow Cooked Chicken is specifically formulated for senior dogs and contains omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to support your dog's overall health.

Each dog has his own nutritional requirements, and you can satisfy them at Chewy. We offer wet dog food for friends of all ages for a lifetime of yummy meals. And if your vet has a special plan in mind for your pal, we also offer grain free wet dog food, limited ingredient wet dog food, prescription dog food and wet dog food for sensitive stomachs. Whether you are shopping for the best senior wet dog food or any other dog food variety, you can find it online 24/7 at Chewy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wet dog food good for older dogs?

Wet dog food is good for some older dogs, depending on a variety of factors. Senior dog canned food might be right for your fur-iend if she has sensitive teeth, she scarfs down her food or she has special dietary needs that can be met by a specific wet food. When choosing the right wet food, you need to consider her metabolism, breed and health concerns. There are numerous food choices for senior dogs, so you should always consult with your veterinarian to come up with the best meal plan for your pal.

How much wet dog food should a senior dog have?

How much wet dog food you should feed your senior dog differs from one fur-iend to another. Like all life stages, senior dogs have different nutritional needs depending on size, metabolism, breed and health concerns. You should even take into consideration how many senior dog treats she enjoys each day. It’s always important to consult with your vet to determine how much senior dog wet food you should be serving your aging gal.

Does senior wet dog food need to be refrigerated?

Yes, senior wet dog food needs to be refrigerated after opening. Dog food can covers are a grr-eat choice to help you easily store leftovers and make serving the next mealtime a cinch. When stored properly, most senior dog canned food can be served up to three days after opening. Like all perishable goods, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to see how to store leftover food.

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