Dry Dog Food for Senior Dogs

As your paw-tner ages, she has new nutritional needs. Senior dry dog food can help support her health during her golden years. The best dry dog food for senior dogs is lower in calories, has more fiber than adult varieties and has the proper ratio of fat to protein to help maintain lean muscle. She won’t need to sacrifice taste for nutrition. You’ll find the same flavor profiles of adult dry dog food, so she’ll feel like she’s eating the same ol’ thing she always has. You’re the only one who needs to know it’s made for her new life stage!

You’ll also see the best dry dog food for senior dogs has extra nutrients to help your aging pooch. For example, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula also has increased protein and l-carnitine for muscle maintenance and glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health and mobility. It even features LifeSource Bits—a precise blend of nutrients that has been enhanced with a Super 7 package of antioxidant-rich ingredients.

Treating your fur-iend in her wonder years is so much more than nutrition. There are toys for senior dogs ranging from stuffed animals to treat-dispensing toys. No matter her life stage, Chewy has a variety of dog food options from senior dry dog food to the best senior wet dog food to satisfy her taste and nutritional needs. Of course, there are dog treats, too! And to help you address her other needs, we offer dog healthcare products that promote wellness and longevity. Shop Chewy any time to take care of your pal during her best years with you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between senior dog food and regular dog food?

The difference between senior dog food and regular dog food is subtle but important. Senior dog food often has fewer calories than regular adult dog food to help her stay healthy when her metabolism slows. It also has the proper ratio of fat to protein to help her maintain her lean muscles. Plus, it often has more fiber than adult varieties. Depending on the type you choose, you’ll also find additional nutrients to support your fur-iend. For example, Purina ONE’s SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity 7+ Formula features glucosamine to help support your pal's joint health and botanical oils to provide an efficient fuel source for her brain.

When do you switch to senior dog food?

You should consider the switch to senior dog food if your older dog develops a dull coat, seems lethargic, has a thicker midsection or develops tummy problems. Nutritional needs also vary between breed size, current health and age. It’s always best to ask your vet what’s the right food for your old pal. Many senior dry dog foods are labeled for ages seven and older—well before you might think your fur-iend should make the switch!

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