Dog Wire Pens

It’s going to feel like she has mastered the “Stay!” command you’ve been working on when you put her in the wire dog pen and she’s in the same spot when you return. They’re paw-fect for the backyard barbeque so she can be part of the party and not wander away when no one is looking. They’re equally great for keeping your puppy contained while you’re working or doing the dishes. Also, many breeders use wire dog pens to keep a new mama with her pups.

With durable construction, wire dog playpens are fur-avorites for parents who have avid chewers or rough-and-tumble players who might chew through or knock down other playpens. While durable, storage is often a cinch because most designs fold flat to take up less space. Many feature doors that latch close so you can easily get your gal in and out. Plus, you’ll see most have panels you can arrange to make the playpen the shape that fits your space.

Wire dog exercise pens are paw-fect for outdoor use with a sturdy design that won’t blow over with a gust of wind and can withstand bumpy turf and tough terrain. While wire pen for dogs also can be used indoors, the wire might scratch your hardwood floors, so we recommend putting down a mat or blanket to protect your floors or setting it up in a carpeted area.

Your pup might rather have free rein of the house and yard, but it’s important to have a way to keep her safe and contained. You’ll find a variety of options at Chewy. If you’re not sure wire is the best dog pen choice for your pal, plastic dog pens or soft sided dog pens are always safe alternatives. And when you’d like to expand her play space, you can add dog pen panels. Dog crates and dog gates are also essential for keeping her safe and out of trouble. There’s so much more to keeping your furbaby healthy and happy, so you’ll find all the dog supplies you need and want at Chewy. Shop with us 24/7 for all your dog needs, starting with wire dog playpens!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are wire dog pens safe for puppies?

Wire dog pens are safe for puppies and adult dogs. In fact, many breeders use dog pens to keep the mama with her babies. They’re particularly useful for keeping your new pup in a secure spot for playing and rest time when you can’t keep your eyes on her. No matter the age, it’s important to keep any pen free from items that aren’t safe for your dog.

Are wire dog pens durable?

Wire dog pens are durable, in fact they are some of the most durable playpen options. They are often chew-proof and coated for resistance to your avid chewer’s attempts at munching through. A wire cage is probably a better option than plastic dog pens and soft sided dog pens if you know your pal has serious chewing habits. They will also better withstand frequent moving and everyday use.

Will wire dog pens scratch my floors?

Wire dog pens may scratch your floors, so they are a pup-ular option for outdoor use. They are extra durable and able to withstand use in grass and tougher terrain. When you’d like to set it up indoors, you should consider using it in a carpeted area to protect your more sensitive flooring. If putting it on hardwood, we recommend you put a blanket or felt padding underneath the metal base to protect your flooring.

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