Based in Telford, Pennsylvania, Annamaet is a family-owned and operated company committed to delivering peak nutrition for dogs and cats. Founder Rob Downey lovingly named the company after his mother, Anna Mae, who had a real soft spot in her heart for animals. After months of formulating and testing, the first bag of Annamaet dog food was actually sold on her birthday in 1986. Rob brings a unique combination of his broad scope of knowledge in the field of nutrition to Annamaet, as well as his lifelong involvement with dogs to the pet food industry. Along with the tireless efforts of his wife and co-founder, Mary Jo, they remain committed to producing only the finest holistic and GMO-free pet food using the highest-quality ingredients from trusted sources. In addition to the value Rob brings to the company with his many years of experience and passion, Annamaet dog food and cat food benefits from having a board-certified veterinary nutritionist on staff to help ensure every recipe they produce is the best it can possibly be for your precious pet. Annamaet dog food accommodates many special diets including grain-free, pea-free, and high-protein varieties, as well as weight-control diets and those requiring no corn, wheat or soy- and they also make great, healthy cat food as well. They specialize in dry dog food, dog treats and dog supplements that bring out the best in your dog in terms of health and nutrition. Try Annamaet dog food and cat food and see why it’s easily among Chewy’s best dog supplies & cat supplies.

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