SMARTCAT Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter, 5-lb bag -

SmartCat Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter

By SmartCat
Rated 4.2973 out of 5 stars

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Rated 4.2973 out of 5 stars
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About This Item


  • With SmartCat All Natural Litter, “No smell-can’t tell” is what your home would say if it could talk! This litter is formulated and manufactured to provide excellent odor control.
  • SmartCat All Natural Litter clumps so fast and hard that odors don’t have a chance to escape. No irritating fragrances or perfumes are used.
  • Smart Cat Natural Litter absorbs and forms very hard strong clumps, making scooping and cleaning the litter box quick and easy.
  • SmartCat All Natural Litter is 99% dust free. With virtually no dust, SmartCat Natural Litter provides a healthier cleaner litter box environment for all members of the household.
  • SmartCat All Natural Litter has a creamy sand-like texture to give the product a clean and pure look that minimizes tracking. This litter is virtually dust free to minimize respiratory problems for cats and their parents.

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Learn More About SmartCat From Our Team of Experts

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Questions & Answers

29 Customer Questions

How long does it last?
Answer by McgeeJun 24, 2022
I have been using this litter for 5 plus years and it is the best cat litter I have ever used hands down. The key is scoping it frequently at least every other day If you have 1 cat. There is no perfume smell no dust at all.I scoop in a gallon size non zip locked bag and throw in my kitchen garbage and you never smell anything. Love this litter!!!

How dangerous is it for a cat to ingest this litter (in comparison to clay litter)? My cat is currently licking her litter on occasion, and while I am working with her to stop this habit, I want to know what I'm working with. Thank you!
Answer by ChewyFeb 02, 2018
The Cat Litter is not recommended for consumption but is made of all natural grass which is better than clay being ingested.

Approximately how long does this litter last?
Answer by ChewyDec 22, 2018
The litter boxes should be scooped every day and about every 3 days add fresh litter to the 3-4 inches level. The litter should be changed completely only as needed.

Is there anything about the processing of this product that would assure that there would be no bugs in it? I sometimes read about natural litters having bugs. Thanks.
Answer by ChewyOct 24, 2019
Neither the mites nor the eggs would survive the manufacturing process for our natural litter; should some mites or eggs somehow manage to survive at the time of packaging, grain mites cannot survive with if the grain moisture drops below 13.4%, which means they would not survive inside the packaging.However, the litter could be a food source for the grain mites “if” the litter box is maintained in a hot, humid, and dark location. Storage of the litter box in a cool, dry, and lighted area would keep the grain mites out of the litter

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Rated 4.2973 out of 5 stars
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703 Customer Reviews

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By junji on Feb 4, 2023

great litter, just not for me & my cat

while i do think the litter itself is exceptional at doing its job, it just didn’t work out for us. pros: it clumps immediately which is great because i scoop right after my cat uses the box. its soft and leaves no smells at all. there is no dust, however the litter itself is SO fine, like extremely soft sand, that it is almost like dust itself! i feel it going in my nose as i scoop and they few days my cat was using it he was sneezing and sniffling all day. it also leaves a white powder on his toe beans which i don’t like. last con is that its not as easy to vacuum out of our litter mat, and it got everywhere because my cat seemed to love to stay in the box and fling it all out, which he doesn’t do with his usual litter. will be sticking with our tried and true okocat :)

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By DeMa on Jan 28, 2023

Pretty good but not for us

Litter does what it says it does. Absorbs, clumps, controls odor decently, comes off the pan cleanly. Our issue is that it's apparently delicious, to the point where two of my cats are eating it regularly out of the box. One is actually reducing the amount of real food she's eating because she's not hungry and she has lost some weight. In the process of transitioning back to the old A&H Slide, which sucks because I'm worried it will irritate their lungs. Would have stayed with this if it weren't so tasty!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By DesertCats on Feb 4, 2023

Just Okay.

I want to use a natural based litter for my 2 kittens, but I am not that impressed with this choice. I does clump will, but there is definitely a smell to it and there is more dust than expected. The biggest issue is that the cats track it all over the house because it is so light. Just too messy for what I was expecting.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Tracy on Jan 19, 2023

My new litter!

I have 7 cats. And a lot of litter dust. My brother came in to town and let me know my house smelled. I was so mortified. I knew I was sick of the litter dust everywhere, but I didn't know my house smelled. This litter has no dust, no crazy tracking from cats jumping out of the litter box. (I tried walnut litter-- it tracked a lot.) I swear I can't smell cats now.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Emma on Jan 31, 2023

Best I’ve found

Due to health issues, I can’t use scented or super dusty litters. I prefer a natural litter for the health of my cats. So far out of the litters that I have tried this is the best. Like other reviews stated, it does track & doesn’t do the best job at covering up odors. But it clumps well & has 0 dust.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Jules on Jan 19, 2023

Nearly purrrrfect!

I didn’t want to take off a star because honestly the 2 negatives are far outweighed by the positives! Everything claimed on the bag is 100% true. I was skeptical, especially after trying all different kinds of the “best” litters out there. I had to put their box (it’s big as the cats share - small house) in my bedroom after I’d moved… then just kept it in there because, like some litter voodoo, I couldn’t smell even the stinkiest of dumps (and oh, my little one makes deadly stink bombs). I thought it was gross to keep it in my room but WOW. No smell (even the fresh litter barely has a scent, just kind of “natural”), NO DUST, doesn’t make pee clumps stick to the box, clumps SO WELL, and the granules are finer than clay so it’s a lot softer on their paws and they seem to enjoy digging in it. No more “floor digging” outside the box. As a cat momma for most of my 38 years (maybe box emptying chores started around 7yrs), I can actually say (after 4 months of use; on my 2nd bag), this is the best litter I’ve ever used. And the fact that it’s completely natural is such a win. Two negatives: 1) Pricey, but worth it if you can swing it! It lasts a decent amount of time. 2) Does track. I put one of those litter catchers down (the kind where you can empty it back into the box like a litter-catching pocket), which helps, but I still keep a dustpan right there. But aside from pellet litter or other non-clay alternatives (which are just not appealing to cats), it doesn’t track more, and as it’s so soft you aren’t yelping OUCH stupid litter! if you step on it in your socks. I do have a wall around my box, not a hood, which probably helps with flinging, and might fashion some sort of platform they have to walk on to go in and out, that has litter-catching abilities. Unlike some other reviewers have said, it does not get stuck in my cat’s paws, and it clumps so fast and acts almost as a desiccant with the poops - they never have wet or poopy paws. So the tracking is pretty much isolated to maybe 2 feet around the box, AT MOST. I’ve definitely never written such a detailed review for cat litter but I know how much reviews can help people decide on what to go with. I’ve already shared it with all my fellow cat parents because it’s a smell-free, dust-free, fast clumping, organic game-changer!! Definitely not sponsored, wish I was LOL.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Cin111 on Jan 6, 2023

I tried real hard to love this cat litter!

Grass? Or grass seed? I'm still not sure which it is! It does clump and scoop well. As most do. BUT it gets on her feet and she walks it EVERYWHERE! And it gets wet when she pees, sticks to her feet and gets walked right to my bed! This cat litter is ruining my relationship with my 13 year old sweetheart. I cannot wait for the second bag to be gone! Too expensive to throw away too. Sorry, but I hate the stuff!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By lisa on Dec 3, 2022

This is litter awesome

let’s get it out of the way first, it does the best clay litter(i’ve tried every litter imaginable!) even if it says it doesn’t, what’s great it sweeps right up, so easy, doesn’t make a mess like trekked clay litter does if it gets stepped on or wet or’s a dream. i didn’t believe it would clump well but man, it does! also, it doesn’t stink like pellets or perfumey clay litter, or have cat pee smell when saturated like clay, it doesn’t smell. also, it’s a breeze to scoop because it’s so light, no more fighting your way through to dislodge litter from the side of your box! honestly i’ll take the trekking for all the pluses! plus it’s more environmentally sound - biodegradable and renewable

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Jordan on Jan 16, 2023

Great litter with TINY drawbacks

Long review incoming. But worth the read if you’ve been desperate to replace your overly dusty clay litter without losing the other perks. Started using this litter about four months ago. I started out by mixing it with clay litter and recently have been using it 100% by itself now. Pros: - Virtually dust free. - Clumps like a dream. (No more scraping muddy residue off the sides and bottom of the boxes. This leaves literally nothing left over.) Incredibly impressed with how well this clumps and how easy it is to remove from the box. - Natural and environmental friendly. Easier on your kitty’s beans. Cons: - Yes. It tracks. BUT I would say it tracks just barely more than their clay litter. I spend about five minutes every day sweeping or using the hand vacuum to maintain the house. If you don’t do this, then obviously the tracking will get worse and worse as it piles up. - Occasionally there is a bit of a musty smell in the room that has the litter boxes. This litter doesn’t seem to conceal smells as well as clay litter - but it’s very faint and doesn’t happen all the time. Mind you, these litter trays are in the spare room closet with a built in box to conceal the litter trays with a small entrance. It prevents a lot of smells from escaping the area, so depending on your litter box set up, it’s really hard to say how it will smell in your house. (I am posting pictures for reference.) I sprinkle some baking soda into their litter trays occasionally, which helps. I scoop once a day but I’m assuming twice a day would eliminate any smell at all. - Not sure what one of my cats does when he’s in there, but every time he comes out of the box he has dust/powder on the side of his face. Almost looks like saw dust. But it’s always just on the side of his face. Not really a con. He’s a dork so who knows. I have been using Fresh Step unscented clumping clay litter for years and years. When they changed to “simply unscented” it seemed their formula changed with it. There was so much dust that it would cover everything in the room. We ended up building the box containers in the closet to prevent the dust from escaping into the room. We also added an air purifier into the room and left it on the low setting 24/7 to hopefully suck up a lot of the dust in the air. But I felt so bad about the cats breathing that dust in every time they went digging in there. I have searched and searched for a different litter for about a year now and I have finally found it. I will be using this one from now on. The SLIGHT increase in tracking is worth being able to switch to something more environmentally friendly and dust free. If you are unsure, I highly recommend mixing this litter with your current litter to see how you like it before committing to a second purchase.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By SteveandCarol on Nov 19, 2022


We love this litter for the odor control, fast clumping, and no dust. It really has no dust! But the tracking is terrible. It sticks to their feet and they track it all over the house! There's so much litter on their feet when they get out of the box! We're having to vacuum at least twice a day, sometimes more! Oh, and another negative, because it's made of grass, our dog keeps eating it!!! UGH! I wish they'd improve on the tracking problem, because everything else, except our dog eating it problem, is great.