Guinea Pig Bedding

To keep your guinea pigs happy and your cage tidy, you’ll need to get some good guinea pig bedding to line your cage with. Chewy carries all the best bedding for guinea pigs, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect material for the bottom of your cage.

The best guinea pig litter and bedding material will be dust-free, odor and moisture absorbing, and comfortable for your pet. Most paper bedding for guinea pigs fits these criteria and has the added benefit of being compostable and biodegradable, too. You can find paper bedding in many different textures and piece sizes, and it comes in lots of fun colors, as well. Paper bedding also saves on fuel use by being lightweight, and some of it is made from recycled pulp to reduce the strain on the environment. Shredded paper can also be used as a cheap guinea pig bedding material, but make sure to use ink-free or non-toxic printed paper.

Avoid beddings made from cedar or unprocessed pine shavings, as their aromatic oils can cause respiratory distress in your pets. Soft aspen shavings are dust-free, odor-free and suitable for guinea pigs, but they can be less absorbent than paper. You can also find kiln-dried pine bedding for guinea pigs that’s free from harmful aromatic oils, or try a product made from eco-friendly pelleted wheat straw.

Another guinea pig bedding and litter option that’s popular with seasoned piggy parents is guinea pig fleece bedding that you can wash and reuse. Try using repurposed fleece fabric scraps or buy premade washable [guinea pig cage liners that fit in the bottom of your guinea pig cage to catch waste. You can find different sizes to fit specific enclosures and choose from a variety of colors, too. Whatever you choose to use to line your guinea pig habitat, you’ll find great deals on bedding, guinea pig food and hay and all your other guinea pig supplies at Shop our wide selection of guinea pig litter bedding and stock up on loads of your little piggy’s favorite type!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best bedding for a guinea pig?

The best bedding for a guinea pig will be soft, absorbent and dust-free, so lightweight materials like paper or aspen wood works well for them. Avoid aromatic woods like cedar, as the oils can harm your pet, and stay away from non-absorbent materials like hay which can cause odors and moisture to build up in your guinea pig enclosure. Make sure you use dustless bedding to protect your pets’ delicate respiratory systems, as well.

What do you put on the bottom of a guinea pig cage?

Put a layer of soft guinea pig bedding at the bottom of your guinea pig’s cage. Bedding and litter made from paper like Carefresh Small Animal Bedding, Natural is a popular choice, but you can also use odorless wood shavings or wheat straw pellets. Look for unscented, dust-free and absorbent materials that are free from aromatic oils. You can also use guinea pig cage liners made from washable materials.

What type of bedding is harmful to guinea pigs?

Wood bedding with toxic oils and clay cat litter are harmful to guinea pigs. Aromatic woods like cedar and untreated pine can give your guinea pigs respiratory problems and should always be avoided. Clay cat litter can cause breathing issues, as well, and presents the added danger of causing digestive blockages if it’s ingested.

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