Cat Technology Products

Cat technology can make caring for your cat significantly easier and more pleasant. Cats have a reputation of being independent and easy to care for. While that is often true, they still require proper care from their pet parents. Technology for cats can help keep your cat safe and happy. Get the best and newest cat tech at Many housecats are overweight. This can be due to overeating and not enough exercise. With automatic cat feeders you can make sure your cat is eating exactly as much as she should and not overeating. The Cat Mate C3000 programmable dry food feeder has a pet-proof snap lock lid to keep kitty from accessing stored kibble. The unique feed mechanism ensures accurate and consistent meal sizes. No one enjoys cleaning cat litter, but if your cat’s litter isn’t cleaned, she may go somewhere else. Chewy has automatic litter boxes that clean your cat’s litter keeping your home smelling clean and fresh. The PetSafe automatic litter box is self-cleaning and extremely quiet. If your kitty likes to venture into areas she shouldn’t, pick up an invisible fence for cats. Another solution is to use cat cameras to watch her while you’re away. Once you catch the bad behavior, you can work on training her to prevent it. Cat parents also use cat trackers to monitor behavior and keep track of their cat’s whereabouts. You can let your kitty go in and out as she pleases without letting other animals in with electronic cat doors. Get all the cat supplies and cat technology you need to raise a happy kitty at Chewy’s online pet store.

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