Chicken-Free Dry Dog Food

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicken-Free Dry Dog Food

When should I feed my dog chicken-free dry food?

Feed your dog chicken-free dry food when you suspect a chicken protein intolerance or allergy. Your vet can help you diagnose food allergies and recommend appropriate foods, as well. You can also feed your dog chicken-free dry food if he happens to like other proteins better. There are dog foods made with many other proteins, including beef, lamb, turkey, duck, fish, hydrolyzed soy and novel wild proteins, as well. Experiment and see which ones work best for your best friend.

What is the best chicken-free dog food?

The best chicken-free dog food for dogs with allergies or food intolerances will usually be a limited ingredient diet formula with no chicken-derived ingredients. This will help ensure the recipe has none of the irritating proteins your pup needs to avoid. You can find grain-inclusive and grain-free dog food made without chicken, and choose from formulas made for puppies, adults, seniors and breeds of all sizes, as well.