Dry Dog Food for Puppies

Feeding your little one the right puppy dry food can help her grow up big and strong. The best dry puppy food provides the paw-fect mix of nutrients to help her thrive—like higher protein and calories than in food for other stages of life. Because of these nutritional differences, it’s important to choose food made just for youngsters

Just like nutritional needs are different for dogs of different ages, they’re also different for puppies of different breeds sizes. For example, small breed puppies tend to have faster metabolisms and require higher-calorie foods. Our larger puppy pals need food that supports strong healthy bones and joints as they continue to grow. Plus, kibble is sized appropriately for each size pup—petite dogs might have a hard time munching on the larger kibble designed for bigger dogs.

The timing of introducing pups to dry food varies greatly, but many are introduced around four- to five-weeks-old and eat exclusively kibble or wet food by approximately 10 weeks. Work with your vet to determine the nutritional needs of your baby, as they can vary by breed and size. Also, be sure to stock up on puppy treats. They’re a great way to gain her trust and teach her new tricks!

As your furbaby gets older, her diet will need to change. With advice and help from her dog-tor, you can eventually switch her over to dry dog food or wet dog food. And if you discover allergies or sensitivities along the way to adulthood, you can consider grain free dry dog food or dry dog food for sensitive stomachs. Whether you’re shopping for your puppy, your adult dog or your senior pal, you can find all the dog food you need on Chewy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can puppies start eating dry food?

Puppies can start eating dry food when they begin weaning from their mom—around four to five weeks of age. At that point, her human parent can mix water or puppy milk replacement formula with some puppy dry food to help transition from mother’s milk to puppy food, although some curious pups like to taste test food from her mom’s bowl. When she reaches about nine to 10 weeks old, she should be able to eat dry food on her own like Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. As always, dog’s needs differ and you should check with your veterinarian before changing your puppy’s diet.

Should I moisten dry puppy food?

You should moisten dry puppy food to encourage proper food intake during your puppy’s first few weeks after weaning. You can make this mush by mixing one-part warm water with four-parts dry puppy food. Lessen the amount of water you put in until you don’t add any at all. If your pup doesn’t seem interested, you can make it extra irresistible with flavorful dog food toppers!

How do I set up Autoship for my dry puppy food?

To set up an Autoship for your favorite dry puppy food, select the Autoship option at checkout, then choose your frequency of recurring delivery right to your door. You can cancel or change the frequency any time you want, as simple as that! Make sure you never run out of dry puppy food with Chewy’s effortless and convenient Autoship.

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