Guinea Pig Supplies & Accessories

Keeping your guinea pig happy and healthy involves having a range of quality guinea pig supplies and guinea pig accessories on hand. Chewy carries the best guinea pig supplies for setting up your guinea pig habitat plus all the essential guinea pig products you’ll need on an ongoing basis.

Once you’ve chosen a great habitat for your guinea pig, you’ll need to set up places for your pet to drink, eat, sleep, nest and eliminate in there. A cage-mounted [guinea pig water bottle is the preferred way to give water, but you can use bowls for both water and guinea pig food if you prefer. You should also set up a hay rack for your guinea pig filled with tasty timothy hay.

Guinea pig cages will need to be lined with lots of fresh guinea pig bedding for burrowing and nesting, and you’ll want to put a few guinea pig hideouts in there so your cavy can hide and sleep peacefully. A litter box will make cleaning the cage a little easier, too. Guinea pigs also need lots of guinea pig toys to combat boredom, along with things to nibble like chew toys and chew sticks for healthy teeth. You may also want to invest in a portable guinea pig playpen to give your furry friend some time outside of the cage or safe access to fresh air outdoors.

Chewy also carries all the guinea pig grooming products you’ll need for your guinea pig. Supplies like brushes, guinea pig-safe shampoo and nail trimmers will keep your buddy looking good and feeling fresh, while wellness products like supplements, calming remedies and first aid supplies will help you keep your guinea pig healthy. Shop for everything you need to keep your guinea pig housed, fed, entertained and healthy at We’ve got all the guinea pig supplies you need and a great selection of cute stuff you’ll want for your little pet!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What supplies do guinea pigs need?

The essential supplies guinea pigs need include a roomy cage, a water bottle and bowls for feeding and drinking, a hay rack for timothy hay, and at least one hideout for a feeling of safety. They also need lots of bedding for the bottom of the cage, healthy guinea pig food, fresh veggies every day and a continual supply of hay for eating. You should also put guinea pig toys inside the enclosure for exercise and mental stimulation and consider getting guinea pig treats to give as rewards and snacks. Some guinea pigs will also use a litter box—setting one up can help you go longer between bedding changes and cage cleanings.

How do you take care of a guinea pig?

Take care of your guinea pig by setting up a comfy habitat for him with all the guinea pig essentials inside. Once you’ve covered his basic food, housing, rest and elimination needs, concentrate on spending lots of time with him outside the cage for exercise and bonding and make sure he has lots of things to occupy his attention when he’s in his home. Guinea pigs tend to be low-maintenance pets, but they do need time to interact with people in order to stay happy and healthy. Put your guinea pig’s habitat somewhere he’ll have lots of interaction with the family and make sure to give him all the love and attention he deserves as a family pet. You may also want to consider getting a pair of guinea pigs instead of just one, as they do well in pairs and can get lonely as single pets.

How do I set up Autoship on my guinea pigs supplies?

Set up Autoship for your guinea pig supplies when you order them by simply clicking the Autoship option at checkout. You can set the frequency of your shipments here, too, and go back and change the quantities and timing of your orders at any time. You can also easily cancel Autoship if your needs should change. Never run out of guinea pig food, litter, bedding or treats again with Chewy’s convenient Autoship service!

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