Small Animal Health & Wellness

Your pet may be small, but keeping her healthy is no small feat—at least, not without a little help. Just like you would take a daily vitamin, small animals can also benefit from taking certain supplements that are made just for them. From hamster vitamins and ferret vitamins to hay tablets for all kinds of health concerns, we've got something that will fit your pet's needs. Ferrets are interesting little creatures, and each has her own unique personality. But there are certain traits that seem to be common for all. The first is that they can be picky eaters. This can cause a problem if your ferret isn't getting all the nutrients she needs from her usual diet. One way to fix this is by giving her a tasty treat that also doubles as a supplement. Marshall Furo-Vite Vitamin Boost Ferret Semi-Moist Chews are basically ferret vitamins that are cleverly disguised as delicious treats. They have less than six calories per chew, and they deliver 22 vitamins and minerals that ferrets need. You can also try Marshall's Furo-Vite Highly Nutritious Vitamin Supplement, which is a paste that provides essential daily vitamins, including vitamin A, folic acid and vitamin B12. It's got canola and cod liver oil, too, to keep your small pet's coat in great shape. Speaking of ferret vitamins, let's talk about the other common issue ferrets face—hairballs. Nope, they're not just for cats. Ferrets are constantly grooming their fur, and they tend to develop hairballs that they can't pass. Marshall Ferret Lax is a special internal lubricant that tastes yummy and helps prevent hairballs from forming. As for the other small creatures, Oxbow has an entire line of supplements devoted to their most common ailments, including small pet digestive solutions, small pet urinary solutions, small pet joint solutions, and small pet skin and coat solutions for issues. They come in tabs that are baked with Timothy hay and premium herbal ingredients, and they’re free of artificial additives, colors and preservatives. These supplement tabs can be given to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and other small animals. For your small pet’s best health, add a small pet daily vitamin or supplement to her diet. She’ll love the taste of the special treat, and she’ll also enjoy the many benefits.

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