Human-Grade Dog Food & Treats

Every pet parent wants to give their beloved pup the best dog food with the best nutrition. There’s no better way to do that than to feed him human-grade dog food. After all, they’re part of the family, so why not feed them healthy dog food with the same level of quality as the food the rest of the family enjoys? Human-grade dog food is made with premium, human-grade ingredients. Each recipe is prepared according to the same regulations used for human food, so you can be confident knowing your dog is getting optimum nourishment. Not only are these healthy dog food formulas filled with nutrients, but they’re full of flavor, too. With human-grade dog food, it’s like giving your pet a home-cooked meal without all the effort, and there are plenty of ways to serve it. If your pup prefers a hearty stew loaded with real meat and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, you can check out Caru’s full line of savory, grain-free, gluten-free stews. Tails are sure to wag for these small-batch recipes of human-grade dog food. Try the dehydrated dog food option as a great, time-saving alternative to feeding raw or homemade meals. All you need to transform this healthy dog food from dehydrated to ready-to-eat is a little warm water and a few minutes for rehydration. Dehydrated dog food is minimally processed, so it retains the beneficial nutrients from the original ingredients. The Honest Kitchen has a wide selection of human-grade dog food your dog’s sure to love. Tylee’s human-grade dog food uses whole food ingredients to make dinnertime a satisfying experience for your pets. Because they use whole food ingredients that aren’t cut into fractions, you can be sure your pooch is getting a meal full of ingredients you can recognize in the bowl and on the package. Take a look at some of our top-quality human-grade dog food choices, and you’re sure to find the best dog food for your deserving pup.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Human-Grade Dog Food & Treats

What does human-grade dog food mean?

Human-grade dog food means that the food has been prepared according to human food safety standards in plants or kitchens licensed to make human foods. It refers to storage, handling, processing and transportation, but not necessarily to the ingredients in the food, according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) definition.

Is human-grade dog food better quality?

Human-grade dog food can be better quality if it uses higher quality ingredients and safer processing and handling methods. The term “human-grade” mainly refers to the manufacturing process, and it means these dog foods must be made according to more stringent safety standards. Not all human-grade dog foods are alike, however, so examine the nutritional profile and ingredient list of any food you are considering. Talk to your vet if you have concerns about what to feed your pup.

What are the best human-grade dog foods?

The best human-grade dog foods will be tasty, made with high-quality ingredients and nutritionally complete and balanced for your dog. Many pet parents prefer all-natural recipes made with no additives or fillers, and you can find many human-grade dog foods that fit this bill. Look for formulas from trusted companies and read reviews to see which ones dogs and pet parents like best.