Reptile Light Fixtures

Every reptile and amphibian needs dedicated lighting for both heat and visible light—both factors are essential for your reptile’s proper bone development and healthy metabolism, digestion and more. For example, the Fluker's Ceramic Repta-Clamp Lamp with Switch can be the perfect addition to your reptile’s terrarium. The reflective lamp is made of heavy-gauge, painted aluminum and features an integrated ceramic socket. And the spring-loaded swivel head clamp securely attaches to the rim of any terrarium. If you’d prefer a lamp that rests on the metal-grate top rather than clamping to the rim of your terrarium, look no further than Zilla Mini Halogen & UVB Combo Fixture for Reptile Terrariums. This light fixture features a unique design that delivers the ideal combination of heat and ultraviolet energy by using both halogen and UVB bulbs. The overlapping heat and UVB create a concentrated basking area for your pet to enjoy.

If you’d like to raise a standard light fixture—like Fluker's Sun Dome Lighting Fixture—above your terrarium, Exo Terra Lamp Holder Bracket for Reptiles is a great option. This bracket is made to securely suspend a light fixture above your terrarium and easily adjusts to fit most fixtures. You can also regulate the heat and light based on your terrarium’s requirements.

Ensure your reptile or amphibian enjoys a long, healthy life by providing the perfect amount of heat and light with the use of a durable, high-quality reptile and amphibian light fixture.

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