Cat Medications for Skin & Coat Care

When you were planning on becoming a pet parent, you thought about all the things you would need to provide good care to your kitten. You considered what she would need for good cat health care including the right type of cat vitamins and food, but what many cat parents don’t consider is cat dermatology. Most cats scratch themselves from time to time, but if you notice more scratching than usual, your cat may have a skin condition. Excessive scratching, hair loss and behavioral changes can be signs of a skin problem. The right cat skin medication can help. There is cat medication for skin conditions that treat the problem once it appears and preventative treatments that support healthy skin. If your cat is excessively grooming herself and has red, scabby areas she may need cat skin infection antibiotics your veterinarian can advise and prescribe. You can promote good cat skin care at home with the right supplements and cat food. Cat skin supplements added to your cat’s diet can promote healthier skin. Give your cat supplements like American Journey wild Alaskan salmon oil that contain omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA that help promote skin and coat health. You can also boost cat skin care with cat skin treats. Treats like Greenies Feline SmartBites promote healthy skin and fur and are made with flavors your cat will love. If your cat isn’t great at taking pills, consider feeding her wet cat food for skin and coat for a tasty way to promote healthy skin. If your cat’s skin condition is the result of an allergy to pet food, prescription cat food might help. You’ll find the best dry cat food for sensitive skin at In addition to cat skin medication, your cat may need other health support like cat eye care and cat ear care. Cats also often suffer from ware and tare to their joints. Joint supplements for cats can help promote strong joints in your cat. For all your cat healthcare needs, shop

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