Dog Rain Gear

When it’s raining and pouring, we do everything we can to stay as dry as possible with dog clothes, dog raincoats and dog rain boots. At Chewy, we have what you need to gear up your pup so he can be ready for gray skies and heavy rain, too. We have plenty of dog raincoats to choose from that are both stylish and functional. The Frisco Ducky dog raincoat is available in four sizes, so it can be worn by almost every breed of pup. This blue raincoat has a ridiculously cute yellow rubber ducky pattern, so your pup is sure to stand out, even on the cloudiest days! For something more traditional, like an iconic yellow raincoat, check out Ethical Pet’s Fashion Rainy Days Slicker. It comes with a hood to help keep doggy ears dry—both floppy and pointy. This dog raincoat comes in six different sizes so your whole fur family can be protected from the rain. There are reflective stripes on the back and hood to help protect your pet when walking her at night. When it gets cold and the rain turns into the sleet, you’re going to need something heavy so your furry best friend will not only stay dry, he’ll stay warm too! The PetRageous Designs Calgary dog coat is one cozy option that offers full chest coverage. This triple-layer coat comes with an adjustable belt to ensure a nice and comfy fit on your pup, helping to keep her warm. Don’t forget to put some rubber dog boots on your pup to help protect her paws from puddles. Pawz waterproof dog boots come in multiple sizes to accommodate most breeds. These boots are designed without zippers and straps to make them easy to slip on. In case your pup does get wet, Chewy offers dog bath towels as well as dog hair dryers. Before monsoon season hits—or at the very least summer showers—make sure to be prepared and pick up your dog raincoats, dog boots, and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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