Raw Cat Food

Are you considering switching to raw cat food for your feline friend? The right cat food is vital to your cat’s well-being. Cat parents have so many options when it comes to cat food, making the decision overwhelming. Some parents choose a raw food diet for cats, because it’s closer to what they would eat in the wild. The best raw cat food is minimally processed and contains uncooked animal muscle meat, organ meat and bones. Pet parents shop at Chewy.com for the best raw cat food brands. Making your cat these types of meals from scratch might not fit into your schedule. For busy pet parents, Chewy carries a variety of raw cat food options. Raw dry cat food makes serving high-quality food easier than ever. Raw cat toppers & mixers make it easy to add raw protein to your cat’s dry food. Instinct raw cat food mixers boost your cat’s kibble. It comes in a variety of recipes including chicken and rabbit. Instinct primal raw cat food also comes in a grain-free recipe. Freeze dried raw cat food is slightly processed raw meat. The process preserves the smell and flavor but increases the shelf-life of your cat’s food. Another way to serve raw cat food without the prep time, is by feeding your feline frozen raw cat food. Keep it in your freezer until the night before you plan to serve it. You can also reward your cat with raw cat treats. These delicious treats come in a variety of tasty flavors your cat will love like PureBites salmon freeze-dried treats. If your cat needs a nutritional boost, consider prescription cat food. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet makes a variety of prescription cat foods to promote good cat health like Urinary SO morsels in Gravy. For raw cat food and the best cat supplies including cat nail clippers, cat tunnels or the best flea treatment for cats, shop for your pet supplies online at Chewy.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Raw Cat Food

Is raw cat food good for cats?

Raw cat food can be good for cats, either on its own or as a supplement to regular cat food. Just be sure to choose a nutritionally complete and balanced raw food for cats and discuss any dietary changes with your veterinarian first. The high protein content of many raw diets can be beneficial for cats, who are obligate carnivores, but you need to make sure any raw diet you feed has all the vitamins, minerals and other compounds like taurine that your cat needs.

How long can raw cat food sit out?

Raw cat food can sit out for short periods of time, but experts say you should refrigerate or toss it after around 30 minutes or so at room temperature. Only feed your cat as much raw food as she can eat in a short period of time, increasing the number of meals she eats a day if necessary. Leaving raw cat food out for too long can result in bacterial growth or spoilage that could harm your kitty.

How do I store raw cat food?

Store raw cat food according to the storage instructions on the package. Many raw foods come frozen and should be stored that way until they are ready to be defrosted and served. Many of these raw cat foods can be stored refrigerated for 4-5 days after defrosting, but always check the package for safe storage directions. Freeze-dried raw foods are usually shelf-stable and can be stored, properly sealed, in a cool, dark place.

What's the best raw cat food?

The best raw cat food is a nutritionally complete and balanced diet made for cats. Choose a raw cat food that is all natural and full of healthy meat protein, and check to make sure the formula doesn't contain added fillers or artificial ingredients. Many raw cat foods are high-protein, high-quality recipes for cats, but not all raw foods are created equal. Read the ingredients list and check out reviews to see which ones are well-liked, and be sure to pick one that is palatable to your cat!