Prescription Pet Thyroid & Hormone Treatment

You are probably familiar with thyroid issues that can happen in people, such as hyperthyroidism (overproduction of a hormone thyroid) and hypothyroidism (lower production of thyroid hormones). But these same conditions can happen in our pets, too. Having an imbalance when it comes to thyroid hormones can produce many different symptoms and can have a great impact on your pet’s health. It’s important to keep up with your pet’s regular vet visits, and to take them in when you notice a change in their health or behavior, so that conditions like hyperthyroidism in cats and hypothyroidism in dogs can be caught and treated. Hyperthyroidism in cats is common, while hyperthyroidism in dogs is not. So it makes sense that hypothyroid dogs are much more common than cat hypothyroidism. If your pet is diagnosed with a dog or cat thyroid problem, your vet will prescribe medication to help regulate thyroid production. Chewy carries many different pet medications for these conditions. You’ll find veterinary medicines for overactive thyroid glands in cats as well as hormone replacement therapy to treat hypothyroidism in dogs. These online pet medications can help balance your pet’s thyroid hormones and help them feel more like their usual selves. Chewy also offers pet meds online that can help with other hormone conditions, like Cushing’s Disease in dogs and cats, as well as Addison’s Disease in dogs and cats. With these diseases, there’s an imbalance of the cortisol hormone, whether it’s too much (Cushing’s Disease) or too little (Addison’s Disease). If your vet prescribes pet medications to treat any of these health conditions, you can find them here. Just add your pet prescriptions to your cart and enter your vet’s information, and our dedicated pet Rx team will contact your veterinarian to verify and fill each vet prescription. That means that you can order all your pet supplies—like your cat food, dog food, cat toys or dog toys—AND your pet’s medications through Chewy's pet pharmacy. Now you can get all your dog supplies and cat supplies in one place, making it even more convenient to keep your pets happy and healthy! Just don’t forget a bag or two of dog treats or cat treats to help make medication time easier for everyone.

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