Cat Treats & Supplements for Skin & Coat Care

Don't let your fabulous feline walk around with dry and flaky skin. Keep his skin moisturized and coat shiny with the proper cat skin care products. At one point in your cat's life he may contract ringworm, fleas, parasites, seasonal allergies, food allergies, bacterial or yeast infections or tumors. Before treating any type of feline skin issue, it is important to understand what the root of the problem is. Stress and anxiety can lead cats to excessively lick and chew their skin, causing hair loss. Other symptoms of skin problems in cats include constant scratching, scabs, inflammation, scaly patches on the face and paws, bald patches, rashes, swellings, lumps and discoloration. You can help prevent certain cat skin conditions by understanding your kitty's needs and getting him the proper supplementation. Greenies Feline SmartBites Healthy Skin and Fur Salmon Flavored cat treats are a tasty way to help keep your cuddly kitty looking regal. If your cat's symptoms stem from allergies, NaturVet Aller 911 Skin & Coat Plus Allergy Aid Dog & Cat Powder Supplement help your pet fight the irritating symptoms of seasonal and food allergies. Cat skin care starts with good nutrition. Help your cat avoid allergens with a limited ingredient cat food diet. Good skin care for cats includes a diet rich in Omega-3s. Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Cat Supplement is a great way to get your feline to take their Omega-3s. Help your feline friend maintain cat coat health with the right nutrition and supplementation right here at Chewy's online pet store, where you find the best cat products.

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