Guinea Pig Hideouts & Beds

Providing guinea pig beds and hideouts for your guinea pigs is essential to making them feel safe and comfortable in their environment. Chewy carries a range of great lounging and hiding accessories for guinea pigs, including guinea pig hideouts and hideaways, guinea pig beds and hammocks, igloos, grass huts and more. Here are a few things to know before buying a guinea pig hideaway or sleep accessory for your pets.

Guinea pigs need a place to hide in their cage for good mental health as well as rest. In the wild, their instinct is to hide from predators, so providing a space or two in the habitat where they can get away will satisfy that natural drive for safety. You can find lots of enclosed hideaways for your piggies, the most common being igloo-shaped enclosures—also known as a pigloos—to provide them with the privacy they need. Choose from a variety of igloo or hut-style hideouts in cavy-friendly materials like wood, twigs, natural grass or chew-resistant plastic.

Another popular semi-private hiding spot you can get your guinea pigs is a guinea pig hammock. Guinea pigs just love climbing into a cozy hanging hammock bed and snoozing or relaxing in peace. Just be sure to hang them low because guinea pigs don’t like heights. You can also try a tunnel-style hideout—these double as both guinea pig beds and toys and work well for habitats that house multiple guinea pigs. You may even find your pigs playing hide and seek or napping together in them.

You’ll probably want to have multiple beds and hideouts in your guinea pig cage to give your little buddies lots of choices. A guinea pig habitat should have at least one hideaway per guinea pig to avoid territorial behavior as well as a few regular beds or mats for sleeping. Look for some neat twists on the traditional igloo hideout like rolling nests that double as guinea pig toys, moldable twig tunnels, hideaways shaped like cars and other cute items. You can find many styles of these essential guinea pig supplies at Shop for the guinea pig beds and hideouts that’ll give your furry friends the sweetest of dreams!

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