Cat Cameras & Monitors

Cat cameras are changing how cat parents take care of their pets. Pet cameras for cats give parents the ability to remotely interact with their feline friends while at work or away from home. Cats can get into a whole lot of trouble while you are away for the day. Cats like to jump and scratch. Without a watchful eye, your cat could jump and hurt herself. A cat camera monitor can give you peace of mind knowing that your cat is behaving. The Petcube Bites Wi-Fi pet camera also dispenses treats. Some cat technology even allows you to talk to your cat using an app. The PetChatz two-way camera creates an interactive experience with two-way video chats, treat dispense, calming aromatherapy, brain games and more. Cat cameras can uncover your cat’s tendency towards dangerous or negative behaviors. Keep your cat safe with an invisible fence for cats and establish safe areas for your kitty to roam. Another way to keep track of your kitty and prevent her from getting lost is with cat trackers. At, you will find everything you need to make caring for your kitty convenient. In addition to watching over your kitty while you are away, cat tech can manage cat food, water and your cat’s litter box. Manage your cat’s weight with automatic cat feeders and prevent her from overeating. Preset how much food or cat treats your cat should be served and prevent her from becoming overweight. Cats can have a low thirst drive, putting them in danger of dehydration. Using cat water dispensers instead of a bowl can increase her motivation to drink by providing fresh water. If you hate cleaning your kitty’s litter box, you are not alone. Automatic litter boxes self-clean, keeping your home smelling fresher and cleaner. If you have a kitty that likes the outdoors, allow her to roam free with electronic cat doors. Get cat cameras and more cat technology at our online pet store.

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