Pet Medical Devices & Supplies

Make caring for your pet a little easier with medical supplies & devices from Chewy. We have everything you need to handle common health issues and chronic conditions according to the expert medical advice of your vet. Shop our selection of medical supplies for dogs and order diabetes supplies or other gear to make your best friend’s care more convenient. We also have medical supplies for cats with diabetes and other conditions requiring at-home help.

Our online pharmacy has meters and strips for glucose monitoring, as well as insulin syringes for pets with diabetes. Our dog insulin & diabetes treatment supplies include all the biggest brand names and generic options. We also carry cat insulin & diabetes treatment supplies, including those most commonly recommended by vets.

We have pill splitters and dispensers to make giving medications precise and easy. When you buy medical supplies and devices online from Chewy, you can find everything you need for your pet’s care, plus food and other supplies, too.

The Chewy pet pharmacy stocks a wide range of prescription dog medicine, prescription cat medicine, and specialty compound medication for pets who need special formulations. You can also find eye & ear medicine for dogs and cats to keep those peepers and perky ears in good health. Chewy has everything you need to help your best friend live a comfortable and happy life by your side. Shop our selection of medical supplies & devices and find everything you need for your pet’s care!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Medical Devices & Supplies

How do I give my dog an insulin shot?

Give your dog an insulin shot by following the precise instructions given to you by your vet. You will need to draw up the right dose into the syringe and then inject it at a 45-degree angle into a fold of skin that you will need to lift on your dog’s back or shoulders. Dispose of the needle in a safe container designed especially for sharps or carefully cap and wrap it before throwing it away. Your vet can demonstrate the correct technique and suggest tips for making the process easier for you and your dog. There are also helpful instructional videos online to assist you.

Can you give a dog insulin without food?

You should never give a dog insulin without food. Always give the shot right after your dog has eaten or even while he is eating to avoid dangerous drops in blood sugar. Discuss your insulin regimen thoroughly with your vet before beginning and contact your vet if you have any concerns or questions.

Where should you inject a cat with medicine?

Inject your cat with medicine for diabetes in a patch of loose skin between the neck and the back. You can tent the skin by pinching it upward with your fingers and then inject it with the needle positioned parallel to the cat’s back. Consult with your vet on best practices for feline injections and look up videos online for further instruction. It may seem a little daunting at first, but know that you will get better with practice!

How do I set up Autoship for my pet's medical supplies and devices?

To set up Autoship for your pet’s medical supplies and devices, select the Autoship option at checkout and choose the desired frequency of delivery. You must have a valid prescription or remaining refills on file for Autoship pharmacy items deliveries to occur. If we do not have a prescription, or if your prescription is expiring soon, one of our team members will reach out to your vet to obtain all the necessary information. Once you set up Autoship, you can cancel or change your deliveries any time you want. Never run out of supplies again with Autoship from Chewy!