Dry Dog Food for Skin & Coat Care

Does your dog suffer from skin allergies? Not unlike humans, dogs can have varying degrees of allergies to everything from plants to protein, from grains to gluten. Whether your pup's mildly or seriously allergic to something, it's important for pup parents to identify and prevent allergic reactions when possible. Allergic reactions in pups can include hair loss, coughing, sneezing, asthma, vomiting, paw chewing, constant licking and diarrhea. Canine allergies affect the skin as well. Typical reactions include itchy, red, moist and scabbed skin. Any dog, regardless of breed, can develop allergies at any time during their life. However, allergic reactions are common in Terriers, Setters, Retrievers, Pugs, Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. Common doggie allergens include grass, weeds, mold spores, dust/dust mites, dander, feathers, cigarette smoke, fleas, perfumes, cleaning products, insecticidal shampoos, and certain rubber or plastic materials. Common canine food allergens include beef, chicken, pork, corn, wheat or soy. Dogs with food allergies will often have itchy skin, chronic ear infections or gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and vomiting. Finding out what foods your pup is allergic to may take some deep investigating. Visit Chewy for the best dog food for dogs with allergies. Chewy understands how important it is to keep your precious pup from ingesting things they're allergic to. On Chewy you can search for dry dog food or wet dog food based on your pup's specific dietary needs. Shop for dry dog food that's GMO free, gluten-free, grain-free, high in protein, or corn, wheat and soy free to keep your dog symptom free. When shopping for dog food for dogs with skin allergies try hypoallergenic dry dog food. Hypoallergenic dog foods typically contain limited ingredients, which is key for doggies with allergies. Hypoallergenic dog food or limited ingredient diets often contains novel ingredients, or ingredients your pup might not have been previously exposed to, making it less likely they'd have a sensitivity. Find top limited ingredient dry dog food brands on Chewy like Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo Basics and Wellness Dog Food. Typically, the best food for dogs with skin allergies is going to be a dog food with limited ingredients. Limited ingredient dog foods also make it easier for pup parents to pinpoint what's causing an allergic reaction. Find the right dog food for your pup's special dietary needs on Chewys online dog store where you can find the best pet products today!

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